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Tjardick van der Kraan

Director at Cloud & Clear


My primary interests are in Voice over IP projects, though I also have experience with regular telephony technologies like SS7, ISDN etc. I have several years of experience in (open source) VoIP platforms (since 2002/2003), call center solutions and telecom solutions both for wholesale providers as well as end-user platforms.

I'm not a full-time developer, I usually work with (a team of) developers, provide platform architecture/design advice. I guide and teach developers about VoIP during my projects. I am able to handle project management and product development.

Next to setting up VoIP platforms with over 300.000 subscribers, I have experience in custom wholesale billing, voip gateways as well as (off-shore) callcenter solutions. Furthermore I have experience in design, setup and managing of Data-centers/Co-location for both Telecom as well as Hosted callcenter and extensive network knowledge.

I have past experience of several years in development of internet (web, intra- and extranet) related projects, both on windows and unix platforms.

Specialties: Voice over IP, SIP, IAX, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Kamailio/OpenSIPS (OpenSER), SER, sipX, MS Speech Server, Soft and Hardware IP Phones, MySQL, Server setup and Administration, Network Administration, Linux ( CentOS,Debian,Red Hat, Fedora), FreeBSD, Windows.

Development languages: PHP, perl, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, MS Site Server (Commerce).

Work experience

May 2016Present

Director & Shareholder

Synsip / ITCEE

Providing PBX solutions, customer focus are companies with at least an internal IT manager

Virtual Trunk - IP/2G/3G/4G Push-to-Talk radio solutions

(Spectralink) DECT & WiFi solutions and site-surveys

IoT and custom electronics development

Custom VoIP Consultancy and development

Jan 2016Present

Co-Founder & CTO


Providing VoIP in- and out-bound services for contact centers

Advice and consultancy

May 2012Present

Director & Owner

Cloud & Clear SPRL

Providing consultancy, (product-)development and (project-)management services mainly focussed on companies in the telecommunications sector.

have worked for smaller companies as well as bigger Telco's like Telefonica (O2, Jajah)

OCT 2014Nov 2016

Chief Product Officer

Mondial Telecom

Roadmap planning, coordination of internal and external development teams.

New product development

Nov 2014NOV 2016

VoIP / Telecom architect

Mondial Telecom

Worked with the internal development team to redesign and restructure the Mondial Telecom back-end VoIP platform (Kamailio & FreeSWITCH) supporting the Mondial Telecom Android and IoS VoIP App used by 300.000+ end users 

JUL 2009MAR 2014

Director & Shareholder

Simwood eSMS Limited

As well as being involved in the day to day development of Simwood's network and voice infrastructure, I was providing Professional Services. I helped I(T)SP customers succeed in their business goals by providing consultancy and development for VoIP and Networking (often based on Open Source components).

JUN 2006FEB 2012

VoIP Specialist / Developer / Consultant


Responsible for design, development and maintaining media gateway solutions for the Nixxis Contact Suit.

Designed, implemented and maintained Data Center activities for hosted call center solution based on Nixxis Contact Suit.

Development & Consulting on customer projects. 3rd level support, SIP tracing/analysis

NOV 2005JUN 2006

Developer / VoIP Specialist


Voice over IP Specialist, mainly focussed on off-shore VoIP (compression) gateways and E1 to SIP gateways based on Asterisk, Digium and Sangoma hardware.

Dec 2003DEC 2013


VoIP User
An independant information guide dedicated to the subject of Voice IP telephony over the internet and other data networks.
Jul 2001MAY 2012

Owner (Developer & Consultant)                   


Development and Consultancy for Voice over IP applications. Both on closed as well as open source projects like Asterisk, (Open)Ser, SipXPBX. Small scale PBX to Large scale telecom provider networks. Handled SIP networks of over 30.000 subscribers Development of (internet) applications, e-commerce, portals, intranet, extranet, content-management systems.

1999JUL 2001

Web Developer

Stratim Interactive

As head developer I was responsible for shaping the technical side of the company as well as doing development on both linux (php, mysql etc) as windows (asp, mssql).
As this was a startup at the time, I had great freedom in finding the best tools for doing web- development, in a time where PHP3 was just seeing the light of day.
Furthermore in this position I was responsible for the first online loan calculation ever released on the Dutch market, as well as the development of a big number of web-applications and intranet/extranet sites.



Volker & Bergkamp

Building websites and web applications, in a time when PHP was just born. Working with designers to get state of the art design while working with the limitations that were opposed to us in that time with HTML.



Business Science

Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden


Drachtster Lyceum


Huygens Lyceum



Native language


fluent (speaking, reading, writing)


fluent (speaking, reading) basic (writing)


Family, Fitness, VoIP, Technology and Software (Development), Drones, IoT and (IP) Radio 

Licensed amateur radio operator (ON5VDK): Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), System Fusion, D-STAR, Automatic Position Reporting System, Echolink, Paging, Emergency Amateur Radio Services