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Tiziana Pollio

Those who tell the stories rule the world, Indian proverb

Work experience

July 2017

MIcrosoft House Director and Philanthropies


Microsoft House is our key asset to drive and position Microsoft as the leading Company in Innovation in Italy. My responsibility is to orchestrate and create all assets, events and activities that can help our customers, consumer, NGOs, and Public Sector to understand and adopt a digital transformation strategy. The House is the perfect example of the future workplace and smartworking culture and in the same time it's the vibrant place where things happen, where customers can meet partners and create new opportunities of relations. It's also the showroom for startup and of innovative technology solutions as well of our products and services.

Lead of Philanthropies: the House is not only the place for business and consumer activities it's also the House of NGOs. We support and empower the Digital Transformation in the NGO sector thanks to dedicated programs and activities in partnership with the Public Institution.

December 2016July 2017

Corporate and Consumer Communications Lead


combine the consumer communications to the responsibility of all communications regarding Philantropies, CRS, Education and Innovation-future tecnologies at Microsoft Italy.

Education: empowering educators and inspiring students to achieve more with the  aim to transform the way we all learn, with the support of the best technology, to build the skills needed for the 21st century workplace.

Philantropies and CSR: create the the planning and execution of Communications programs that will help demonstrate, internally and externally, that Microsoft is a global corporate citizen that works responsibly , using  his technology expertise to serving communities. Part of this role is to establish important relations on an institutional level, participating in numerous projects with government, local bodies, and national and international associations and organisations.

Innovation and Future Tecnology: as a Microsoft we envision a world where digital experiences mirror the way people interact with one another today. A world where natural languarge will become the new user interface, bots are the new apps, and  the world's data will be infused throughout all interactions. it's a world that simplifies human and machine interaction and my role it's to tell this story , helping media to understand where we are going and our future.

July 2015December 2016

Consumer Communications Lead

Microsoft Italy

The heart of this role is to tell about Microsoft Stories, how our stories can really change the life and help people to achieve more. At Microsoft, our stories start with real people of action. By telling their stories—about what drives them, and why they achieve what they do—we can create emotional connections that break through to ultimately shift the perception of Microsoft. Our technology empowers people—it supports the journey of amazing people on the planet whose achievements hold us in awe. While people will experience and love our products, Microsoft is at the core of the customer connection. It’s the lead brand when they make transactions, get support, and engage directly with us. Our brand reflects what’s at the core of our mission. Every offering and experience from Microsoft contributes towards and benefits from our higher promise of empowerment. We give people tools that help them achieve more—at home, at work, at play, and on the go—every single day. Technologies, programs, suites, solutions, channels and experiences that cross, integrate or converge our offerings, signaling how customers can use and benefit from our larger ecosystem.

 In particular I’m responsible to drive the perception of all consumer products and services: from Xbox to Windows 10, from Surface to Smartphone, from design stories to future technology 

Issues Management. I’m part of the Issues management team within the communications organization. We’re focused on blunting and mitigating negative media activity to help protect the company image, reputation, and product brands. We manage issues during key moments, as well as the day-to-day issues which may impact our products & services or the company’s reputation . 

New Building project: I’m also involved in the new project about the change of the company building in Milan. This move will impact in the way we work and for this reason we are creating a new set of rules under the Microsoft vision of Smartworking 4.0 . This change will have an impact also in the interior design to reflect the new way of working. I’m involved also in the steering group with the external consultant to choose all the fornitures of the new building

Apr 2014July 2015

Senior Communications Manager Microsoft Devices in Italy Austria Switzerland


In April 2014 Nokia Devices was acquired by Microsoft and I was appointed as head of communications for Microsoft Devices in Italy Austria and Switzerland with the lead of External Communications and social media activities.

Responsible to create the local communication plans around Microsoft devices products with the aim to promote the brand, support the transition from Nokia to Microsoft, also member of the Leadership team involved in the strategic plan for the countries and trusted support of the top management.

Strong focus on the creation of innovative and strategic communication plan to support new products launches and activities across the entire lifecycle of the devices. Responsible to introduce new media tactics and innovative ideas to challenge the competitor landscape. Day by day close relationship with key media and influencers, adapting my network based on business needs and the changing landscape. Also responsible for social media tools including bloggers relations.

Internal Communications: in close cooperation with HR and local leadership team also responsible to create and manage the internal Communications plan to help the transition from Nokia to Microsoft on the employee side.

Oct 2012Apr 2014

Senior Communications Manager Nokia Italy, Switzerland and Austria


in October 2012 Nokia decided to create a new geographical setup. Italy become a focus country ( one of the 7 focus countries in the company) and I was appointed head of communications for Italy and Alps countries ( Austria and Switzerland). Under my responsibilities the external Communications,  PR activities and events, creation of a digital plan including social media, as well a key focus on BtB communications.

PR and digital media integrated plan and approach to shape optimization process, to enhance performance and to support business needs and objectives.

Also responsible for internal communication, working with HR to motivate the team with several tools and actions. Supporting the managers through engagement and coaching to continue building challenger mindset and team spirit avoid silos by sharing information among teams and countries

Dec 2011Oct 2012

Senior Communications Managers South Europe (Italy, Greece, Israel, Portugal Spain)


Within the creation of this new area I was the responsible for external and internal communications. The first goal was to create a one single team South Europe team despite the different locations in line with the business requirement. Then I managed the local External Communications in the countries with the support of external agencies and with the creation of one narrative about Nokia South Europe scope and products.

Feb 2006Dec 2011

Head of Communications

Nokia Italy

Act as a strategic partner to various Nokia business owners/country management to provide consultancy on building the Nokia brand with the target stakeholders. Acts as a Nokia spokesperson in my responsibility area.  To negotiate and acquire suitable external resources and services. To manage relations with media at national level, through knowledge of external channels and contacts in order to improve the public understanding and appreciation of Nokia Italy and Nokia Group corporate image, reputation of Top Management, activity and offers, through knowledge of Company and Group strategies, policies and initiatives.

Contributes to executing communication events and acts as event moderator, both internally and externally. Acts as media host. -- Establishes and maintains positive relationships with key stakeholders (e.g. media, internal customers, etc) to achieve business objectives. Contributes to or develops appropriate training (e.g. media training) for key internal stakeholders. .In charge of managing the internal communications team to coordinate how the corporate identity is transmitted to employee.

Sep 2000Feb 2006

Head of press office


To manage relations with media at national level, through knowledge of external channels and contacts in order to improve the public understanding and appreciation of Vodafone Italy and Vodafone Group corporate image, reputation of Top Management, activity and offers, through knowledge of Company and Group strategies, policies and initiatives.

  • In charge of managing relations with journalists and communicating developments in technology, services, marketing as well as regulatory and legal issues.
  • Coordinate strategic moves for the development of the company’s image in the press and follow press interviews of top management and participate as a member of the communication crisis team.
  • Liaise with Vodafone’s press office in London and coordinate relations with the consulting firm that every quarter rates our performance in the press.
  • Write news for a company internal television program.
  • Collaborate daily with the internal communications team to coordinate how the corporate identity is transmitted to employees.
Dec 1999Sep 2000

Head of Press Office

Excite Italy

Responsible for external and internal communications, reporting directly to the chief executive.

Sep 1998Nov 1999

Account Manager


PR account , coordinated internal and external communications for technology and telecommunications companies. Organized events and trade fairs.

Apr 1998Sep 1998

Account Manager

Hill & Knowlton
May 1995Apr 1998

Free Lance Consultant

Abacus, Cirm, Doxa, Bologna


 Managing Chaos and Complexity:


 Effectiveness in Complexity


Managing a changing environment.

Galgano Group

 Business Strategy

Il Sole 24 Ore

 People Management

Il Sole 24 ore 

Smart Spending

Il Sole 24 Ore

  Finance for non Financial Manager

Il Sole 24 Ore

 Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Galgano Group
Oct 1997May 1998

Master in European Public Relations

Ateneo Impresa
Oct 1989Jan 1995

Political Science Sociology

University of Bologna

Liceo Scientifico

Enrico Fermi

It's not only about work

"Nothing is built on stone; All is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone."  Jorge Luis Borges.

after the working hours I have a life.... where run a Marathon is a private moment, but run for the No profit association CAF  is happiness, hourse riding has always been  part of me, explore the nature is finding the unexpected, and my son is my daily surprise


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