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Tirta Rahayu Putri

Communication & Customer Service 

Areas of Expertise

●  Communication 

●  Customer Service

● MS Excel

  • PowerPoint
  • MS Office 

Projects and Volunteer Work


Volunteer Administrative Assistant & Social Service Provider 

Association Name— City, Province
  • Event Planning: Regularly tasked to assist the organization with setting up halls and conferences to host up to 3,000 guests at a time; leads other volunteers through the effective arrangement of chairs and tables, ultimately eliminating bottlenecks. 
  • Major Projects: Collaborated with a small team to develop an innovative parking system for an Association Name venue that allocated parking spots for up to 600 vehicles — a significant upgrade from the original system that only supported 350 vehicles. Recently initiated an internal newsletter; presently listed as Content Manager and Editor, coordinating with 6 other volunteers. De-escalates conflicts as they arise at special events, whether related to customer complaints or threatening behavior.



BA Communication Studies & Economics (Honors)

University Name

Selected Courses:

  • Financial Accounting I, II, III
  • Communications and Management
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Corporate Finance


Currently Pursuing TESL Trainer/PTCT Instructor Approval


Personal Sabbatical Jun. 2011 – Jul. 2013

Volunteered English-speaking and writing proficiencies for a family-owned business in Spain, managing and translating confidential materials for highly established personnel. Additionally troubleshot computer-related issues for internal employees.

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