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personal description

i am 32 a fast learner and very punctually when given a task i try my hardest to accomplish it,i work well with others as do i by myself,i will give anything a try.i also have my full license and a reliable car to get from a to b on and i am a very loyal and trust worthy person.i am also available to do a few days work experience to show you what i can do. i will pass a drug test if needed. the hours i can work is night shift and 9 to 3 during the day. if given a chance i will try my very best for your company thanks for reading

Work experience


four canoes





picking packing

processing magazines


kebabs diner

kitchen hand



western heights high school


cash handling

when i am given large amounts of money i can be trusted with it and handle it in the right manner

customer service

i am good with customers and good under pressure

fast learner

when i am given a task i try my hardest to accomplish it.


i am interested in anything to do with driving 

kitchen hand 

Pick and packing