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Martina Ramirez

Highly motivated individual with 13 years experience with assembly production and QC inspection. Always ready t learn new things that add to my countless skills. Fast learner who values the opportunity of working, and respects the responsibility and requirements of the job description. Very organized and always looking for more effective ways to do quantity as well as quality. Responsible and reliable who works well with others. 


Sauder experience, QC QA experience, receiving, kitting job orders, assembly, floor waxing, organization, fork lift experience 

Work experience


Production operator 

Cinco Electronics Recycling 

Inspection on recycled inventory looking for frame damage on PC monitors organization with designated areas for refurbished inventory. Some forklift experience, separation of different materials learning product name and meaning of what is was used for. Separated items into designated bins.


Warehouse production operator 

Siemens ITS

Assembly line making traffic signals, decal experience, router experience, kitting job orders, sauder, receiving and was chosen each year for inventory.  Organized my area for easy access to the inventory. Lifted 35 plus pounds daily. Filled out work orders and kept own personal journal of every job I kitted, received, and shipped. 


Warehouse assembly operator 

Viko Test Labs

Assembled electronic devices onto circuit boards for testing. QC all product before shipping. Waxed the floors with an anti static wax to maintain an anti static work place.  Was the janitor as well after hours