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Sales and marketing professional with 11 years of Microsoft experience including technical support, technical writing,  communications management, training, and project management seeks marketing position.

Work experience


Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Virtual Systems

§Monitor and edit corporate website marketing content.

§Editing and creation of marketing materials such as direct mail letters, e-mail blasts, ads placed in trade publications, and corporate website.

§Sales of business management software, daily cold calling to business owners and CEO’s to set appointments using CRM software.

§Manage social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility and create online community.

Jan 2006Jan 2009

Technical Writer for Microsoft adCenter Engineering Excellence Team


§Developed and managed communications plan of program management communication channels.

§Managed and authored internal marketing communications, monthly team newsletter and product release mails.

§Designed and created new internal marketing portal web site for division that raised awareness of teams, products, process.

§Directed and produced training videos to recruit and support new hires.

§Authored help topics for Microsoft adCenter editors instructing how to approve or reject pay-per-click ads.

§Managed multiple internal team Sharepoint sites.

§Created and managed multiple wikis for teams to document processes and share information.  

§Created monthly newsletter using content from multiple stakeholders for internal and external partners, executives and extended product team.


Technical Writer for Microsoft adCenter


§Managed team Sharepoint site that served as the internal face of adCenter Program Management team.

§Hired, trained, and project managed documentation team that created help for adCenter 1.0

§Lead weekly v-team meetings and communicate progress to Program Management, Localization, and Business identifying action items.

§Authored help topics on how to create pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

§Authored help topics on how to create online advertising reports.

§Planned and executed informal usability tests for online advertising campaign creation and reporting.

§Authored usability study reports and made recommendations to product design team.


Technical Writer, Microsoft iDSS (Integrated Decision Support Systems)


§Project managed creation of Flash training videos for MSN AdReports.

§Liaison between Microsoft Studios, vendor script writers, producers, and voice talent to create, update and maintain external video content.

§Developed posters and marketing booklets that evangelized and raised awareness of iDSS products and services within MSN.

§Authored MSN Ad Reports Training manual instructing advertisers to create effective reports and analyze ROI of their online advertising campaigns.

§Authored help and training content for internal web analytics software.

§        Authored help content for business intelligence applications to help assess the performance of click traffic, advertising, and various other web statistics including user profiling.


Technical Writer, MSN Platform UE Team

Serviced multiple MSN teams by authoring and producing online help content and supporting documentation. Served as the AdTech Webmaster, propped and tested new content and kept information and links current. 2001-2002 - Rewrote, built, and managed online help for the MSN Advertising System data-entry and scheduling application AIS 3.0 to improve usability and technical accuracy. Promoted for outstanding performance. - Revised Office Web Discussions help by customizing the documentation for the AdTech team dramatically increasing team participation. - Collaborated with team Instructional Designer to gather and analyze usability data from product surveys and personal interviews.

Team Trainer for Microsoft Developer Support Technical Router Call Center

Developed a comprehensive training curriculum for the following: Orientation to the Microsoft Product Support organization, call center entitlement procedures, internal web applications training, customer service skills, working in a Windows environment, introduction to programming language basics, Microsoft Product knowledge, call handling, role-playing, peer-mentoring procedures, customer support issue assessment, solving developer support cases, data-entry standards, and learning assessment exams. 2000-2001 - Delivered training to multiple new-hire classes simultaneously using a rotating schedule. After implementing the new training curriculum I was able to train more new-hires in less time, with the average class duration lasting 4 weeks instead of 6. - Call-coached and wrote individual assessments of employee progress outlining strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Offered advising to employees for technical skills and call center skills development.

Technical Router for Microsoft Developer Support Call Center

Prepared effectively written summaries of customer’s technical issues for developer support professionals, and routed customer calls to appropriate groups. Conducted sales of MS Developer related services. - Consistently exceeded metrics goals by adhering to schedule, averaging over 100% of available phone time. Maintained a low average MPI (minutes per incident). - Closed over 20 developer support technical cases per month about problems regarding Visual Studio and other developer products. - Met technical skills goal by passing two Microsoft Certified Professional Exams within a 6-month period.

Customer Representative for Microsoft Product Support Call Center

Educated customers on support offerings for all Microsoft products, provided customer service regarding Microsoft Policies. Registered and activated support for all products.

Marketing Communications

Public Relations

Technical Writing


Sep 2008Present


University of Washington

The Master of Communication in Digital Media gives professionals the necessary tools to understand and exploit the fast changing world of media technology and distribution.

The degree program focuses on:

  • Social Media (community and distribution)
  • Storytelling (effective content creation)
  • The business of digital media in communication (revenue models,  marketing and regulation)


University of Washington


University of Washington




Bremerton High School