Tina Dortch

Tina Dortch


Highly motivated professional with twenty years of tactical experience in various categories of the private, governmental and development sectors.  Seeking an opportunity to coordinate multiple internal and external areas to impact an organization’s structure and a community’s viability.

Work Experience

Community Development and Land Use Planning

Over the course of 5 years, simultaneously managed and/or supported three housing programs(CDBG/HOME/Section 8) with combined annual budgets of approximately $40m, effectively assisting hundreds of families. *  During a 3 year appointment as Vice Chair of the Board of Zoning Appeals, successfully brokered City of Detroit’s initial cell phone tower location criteria requiring co-location agreements across service providers, ensuring a new revenue source for the city while responsibly addressing land use concerns.

  • Comprehensive Land Use Planning
  • New Urbanism
  • Community Design Trends
  • Sustainability Factors
  • Principles of Gentrification
  • Acquisition/Rehabilitation/Disposition of Affordable Housing
  • Intergovernmental Affairs/Relations
  • Supplemental TIFs
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Community Relations

Teamed with the ownership of the $22m Motor City Educational Sportsplex, providing a one-stop sourcefor pre-development services ranging from design implementation and constructability assessments, multi-tiered finance packaging, project impact studies that included community support surveys to the development of initial construction scheduling and budgeting.  *  Successfully negotiatedconstructioncontracts to include a projected billing process with MGM Grand Casinos on multiple contracts totaling $20m, effectively eliminating potential cash flow burdens on company created by the traditional 25 day pay cycle.  *   While employed as an administrative executive, managed multiple aspects (site location, negotiating lease, monitoring construction schedules/budgets and vendors/subcontractors) of the $3m relocation of my employer’s headquarters which required the renovation of a historic building. Realized an unanticipated 6% cost savings by identifying property in an incentive-targeted sector of the city.

  • Developer/Owner Relations
  • Entitlements
  • Pre-to-Post Construction Services
  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Document Control
  • Business Development Analysis
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Historic Preservation Funding and Construction Policies
  • Application of State Statutes
  • Proposal Creation/Presentation
Intra-Agency Management and Association Development

Guided company through a corporate reconfiguration, completing the process within six months without fiscal or operational interruption.  Process required negotiating the buyout of a partner, securing capitalization, credit and bonding and properly licensing the entity to support its expanded business model. * Within a 12 month period identified/developed the creation of 7 new local chapters for national trade association.

  • Operations/Management
  • Finance/Budgeting
  • Organizational Structure
  • Workforce/Team Management
  • Assurance/Quality
  • Non-Profit/Association Management