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Tenacious top performer with 20+ year track record of successfully selling both B2B and B2C in range of industries. Positive and thoughtful leader with exceptional ability to hire, train, motivate, measure, and support highly motivated and effective sales teams. Dynamic, forward-thinking sales visionary constantly devising future revenue opportunities. Extensive network of contacts and partners based on commitment to evolving mutually beneficial vendor relationships.


Top View Skill Set

Sales Management,  CRM,  Vendor Partnerships,  Contract Negotiations, Forecasting, Competitive Analysis,  Managing Distribution, Operations Control Pricing Analysis


I am always seeking the opportunity to help grow a business via innate and experienced sales management skills. While maintaining current client relationships is critical to the success of any company, expanding the distribution foot print is what I thrive on.

Clearly this can be achieved in a myriad of ways, however the challenge to achieve greater goals is the driver and is at the core of what I seek to attain, with a small, medium or large operation. I attempt to surround myself with doers and folks who are looking to be challenged and tested, as a result of their own desires to grow personally and professionally. Those who want to be in the top 10% of their profession regardless of their role within the organization.

Work experience

July 2016Present


Big Z Enterprises LLC - business for my son who is a professional baseball player

Privately owned company (my son) for building and maintaining hair salons in the Cincinnati metroplex. Self sufficient hair salons so serve as investment tools for the future

Jan 2016Sept 2016

Consultant - VP of Sales and  Marketing

Leads Into Sales

Responsible for all sales and related marketing activities which included general awareness of the company and product via social media and other market awareness initiatives.

Main focus is on finding additional synergistic relationships in which all parties are able to generate additional income over and above their daily operations without changing their standard procedures (usually includes at least 3 parties).

All income was garnered via a model based on pay for performance (via our call center) which means excellent execution or Leads Into Sales doesn't get paid.

Secured the largest operator to the industry and I am currently in negotiations with the next largest player.

Left to help start my son's business after being drafted in 2016

Mar 2014Jan 2016

Chief Sales Officer

CRäKN LLC - same team from Making Everlasting Memories

A SAAS based provider of solutions/tools to address funeral home and cemetery operations and resulting pain points.

Responsible for all sales and marketing related items. One of the original two team members to start the company. Helped get the company to the first product launch after 18 months of development.

Left over difference of opinion on product development

Mar 2011Mar 2014

National Sales Director

Making Everlasting Memories

“I understand what the true key is to attaining the best performance”

National Sales Director                                                                                                             

Making Everlasting memories, Cincinnati, Ohio

Provider of cloud-based tools to design books, stationery, movies, and web pages to preserve lifelong memories.

Led all aspects of corporate sales, distribution, and marketing to the funeral home, cemetery, and monument industry. Devised strategy, designed marketing materials, and developed new distribution opportunities abroad and in new verticals.

Impact: Added 132 new locations generating additional $1.2 million in revenues in just 18 months, which was part of the reason for a corporate buyout.

·Catapulted name recognition among vendors by identifying strategic partnerships, creating joint trade magazine advertising, and planning conferences and conventions.

·Developed international distributor bases in Spain, Australia, and the Philippines by identifying potential partners, navigating cultural differences, and liaising with international attorneys on contractual requirements.

Implemented effective CRM system to effectively manage sales activities and internal initiatives for first time in company history, bringing client satisfaction to all-time high.

The company was sold in its entirety to SCI


VP of Sales

Event By Wire

Provider of online streaming tools for event webcasting to the funeral industry.

Built sales and distribution channels and developed this company from a startup to one with a reputation as best in class among an increasing number of competitors.

Impact: Grew client base from near zero to 150+ in less than 2 years, growing revenues 650% - to $1.5 million.

·Established standing among leading operators by identifying early adopters, relentlessly presenting groundbreaking service, and overcoming deeply entrenched industry-wide resistance to change.

·Increased usage among clients from just 20% to 60% by demonstrating benefits of offering the service.

Company was purchased by Stonemor Enterprises per the plan


VP of Sales


Supplier of pinpoint consumer data to the automotive industry to help tailor their marketing and sales efforts.

Took reins from overextended CEO to lead sales and distribution.

Impact: Grew sales by 500%, to $12 million, within 26 months.

·Penetrated top-level manufacturers, industry experts, and groups for the first time despite zero budget by identifying and building distributor channel, eliminating need for direct sales.

·Signed top manufacturers including Ford, Cadillac, and Mazda, worth $10 million in annual sales, through intense networking, cold calling, writing, and meeting.

·Positioned company for successful corporate acquisition by generating interest from investors and industry vendors, and identifying prospective buyers with ideal fit.

The company was sold to a very large player within the industry


VP of Sales

Higher Gear Group - Autobase

Customer relationship management software provider to the automotive industry.

Led sales and distribution of software products. Managed team of 29 managers and staff in sales, customer service, and training.

Impact: Grew sales by 133%, to $14 million, within just 14 months by building elite sales team, and generating partner agreements and third party vendor relationships.

The company was ultimately sold to a venture capital interest


Bachelors Degree

Cal State Northridge

Business Administration


Coach Elite Baseball


Continuous Self Improvement







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