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I have 3 years of web development and 2+ years of UX design experience.

I am skilled in Javascript/Jquery/MeteorJS/React/Blaze-Handlebars, Bootstrap/HTML/CSS, and an array of UX-related tools.


Front-end Development

Front-end: Javascript/MeteorJS, Jquery, Bootstrap. HTML/CSS. See elements I coded below.

Full-stack: MeteorJS (

Deploying, stressing and scaling Meteor apps: Meteorhacks-cluster, MUPx, Kadira,, Digital Ocean,

UX Strategy

Product and Business Strategy.

User Research and User Interviews. 

Content Strategy.

Information Architecture. Navigation.

UX Research

Qualitative research: Surveys (Typeform, Mixmax), User Testing, In-person interviews.

Quantitative research: Google Consumer Surveys, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Optimizely.

UX and UI Design

Wireframe: Balsamiq

Design: Sketch 3

Prototyping: Marvel App

Ecommerce and mobile UX.

Research. Data visualization and interpretation. Scientific writing.

10 years of research and data visualization (physical chemistry and biology).

15 peer-reviewed publications and 4 co-authored patents.

Elements I  designed and coded:

Forms, recaptcha, file upload with restriction, user roles, contact forms, user submissions, comments, search bar and engine, upvotes, error messages, tags, tooltips, waterfalls, wishlist button, favorite button,  product, product reviews, comments, load more button, gradual publication and subscription, login, signup, email verification, password reset, user interests and relevant notifications, dashboard, transactional emails, Mailgun, Mailchimp, Amazon S3, Stripe integrations, Meteor CMS app, real-time feed with updates, profile, avatar, modals, popups, ecommerce elements, DNS verification to confirm ownership, tabs, social buttons, modifications of most Jquery UI elements.


- Built and designed all apps for Drizzle using MeteorJS, Blaze-handlebars, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, Sketch3.

- Design for Drizzle:

- Design for freelance projects:

- Content strategist and writer:


Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Quora replies:



Certificates and Accomplishments

Patents and Peer-reviewed Publications


Academic Publications and Patents

Co-author of 2 patents on photodynamic therapy and 2 patents on fluorescence microscopy.

One invention, drug "Photoditazine-Gel", is successfully used in Russia by patients to treat superficial infections and cancers.

Author and co-author of over 15 peer-reviewed research publications. 

Work History

Jan 2016Present

Remote UX and Graphic designer

Design and development of desktop- and mobile-optimized web applications.

Mar 2016Present

Technical Associate

Web design and front-end development for Cedars-Sinai Techstars startup accelerator in Los Angeles, CA.



Front-end Developer and UX Designer

Web apps and infographics design. Full-stack development using MeteorJS.

MIT and Caltech


Graduate Student Researcher

Researched organization of the bacterial chromosome by transcription and replication.

Massachusetts General Hospital


Research Intern

Multiple research projects related to the practical application of photodynamic therapy for skin cancer and skin infection.

Researcher and Undergrad student



Multiple research projects in physical chemistry, polymer science and molecular biology.


MIT and Caltech


Master of Science, Chemistry

MIT, Cambridge, MA and Caltech, Pasadena, CA. Left Ph.D. program with M.S. degree.

Lomonosov Moscow State University


Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

Moscow, Russia