Tamika Casey

Tamika Casey


I love Horror movies.

I love my dog.

I love anime.

I love to help people


My Name is Tamika Casey,

I am 15 years of age, my birthday is on the 06/07/1993.

For my future career, I would like to be an attendent carer,

I know a little about it,though I'm willing to learn a lot.

I have different views and opinionsĀ of things, I try my best to make everyone happy.

I am good with young kids, around the ages of up until they turn 5.

I am the 4th out of a family of 5;

mum,dad,1st(oldest)sister, my 2nd oldest sister,my older brother and my little sister.

I own two dogs, so I'm good with animals. I'm patient and calm, but I'm also staight forward, I don't like being run around in circles.

I like to and want to help the aged or disabled.

I handle the sight of blood very well, though I've seen more than drops of blood before, like when I've had an accident or something.

I've never broken a bone, I hope to keep it that way, for as long as I can.

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2008 - Present


Leonards Belmont