Tim Rau

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Tim Rau


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Chuchill


I am Tim Rau, and this is my online portfolio. Welcome to the page and thank you for visiting. Contained here are my professional achievements, aspirations, and current activities. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the contents.

Mission, Vision, and Values


"I serve virtuously within my community pursuing honor and excellence. With my passion for courage and integrity, I strive to promote justice and equality. I seek to utilize my leadership and dedication to inspire others."


"I live my life in parallel with high standards of morals and values. I envision a society of justice and equality where people can live in the absence of fear and achieve their dreams. It is here the oppressed can experience opportunity and receive the support needed to live beyond preconceived limits. In the time I am given to live, I would like to serve in a capacity which inspires others to pursue a higher quality of life for themselves and others."


"I am an honest and industrious individual who is devoted to leading with integrity; placing emphasis on trustworthiness and respect as I relentlessly pursue excellence"


Short Term

I would like to join the public safety sector, working within a community, and serving with integrity.

I would like to assist an agency, on a volunteer basis, who works with troubled youths.

I would like to earn my restricted firearms license by January 2016.

I would like to earn my Criminal Justice diploma by April 2017.

Long Term

I would like to buy a house for my family by 2021.

I would like to take my family to Croatia by 2025.

I would like to earn my degree in Criminology though part time studies.

I would like to become fluent in Croatian to better communicate with my extended family.

Cover Letter & Resume


Jan 2013 - Present

Criminal Justice Policing

Lethbridge College

Earning instruction in criminal justice operations

Gaining understanding of Criminal Code of Canada

Strengthening professional skills to enter law enforcement

Part time studies

Sep 2003 - Apr 2004

General Studies Diploma

Lethbridge Community College

Gained instruction in psychology and sociology

Explored other instruction fields of interest

Jan 2001 - Apr 2003

Tourism & Hotel/Restaurant Management

Lethbridge Community College

Introductory training to work in travel industry

Honed interest in gaining knowledge of destinations

Received instruction in guest management

300 hour practicum completed in the field

Sep 1999 - Apr 2000

Commercial Cooking Certificate

Lethbridge Community College

Basic training in culinary arts

Experience in a commercial kitchen to employ theory

Training in organization and sanitary work environments

Sep 1996 - Jun 1999

High School Matriculation Diploma

Lethbridge Collegiate Institute

Completion of High School Diploma

Work History

Work History
Jun 2013 - Present


Varsteel Ltd

Filling and loading customer orders

Supporting and assisting team members in task completion

Close attention to detail ensuring safety and accuracy

Communicate effectively with difficult personalities

Operating mobile equipment competently and safely

Jun 2010 - Jun 2013

Production Supervisor

Sunrise Poultry Processors

Daily dedication to effectively lead each shift while sustaining respect for colleagues, employees, customers, and the organization

Organize and lead shifts of over 100 employees to complete orders in an efficient manner while directing personnel to complete daily operations

Coordinating with Lead hands, Government Food Inspectors, and other departments to meet production demands efficiently

Correlating time-keeping records with administration for payroll accuracy

Carrying out ongoing employee coaching and correction to guide towards continuous improvement

Anticipation of challenges in meeting demands and identifying solutions

Operation of word processing programs, written communication via email, and industry specific software

Addressing employee concerns in a just and professional manner

Jan 2003 - Jun 2011

Shift Supervisor/Server/Bartender

Lethbridge Lodge Hotel and Conference Center

Delivered quality service to guests in both a lounge and restaurant environment

Provided training and guided new hires towards service excellence

Supervisory and administrative duties in both lounge and restaurant environments

Enforced safe food handling practices while maintaining an organized food preparation area

Developed and maintained strict time management skills to consistently provide prompt delivery of food and beverage orders

Jun 2007 - Jan 2010

Packer & Shipper


Pack fabricated material and finished produce in a fashion to meet customer specifications

Obtained operation licenses for overhead crane and forklift

Trained new employees in day to day duties and shared best practices

Meticulous attention to detail ensuring that no packages were overlooked when shipping

Oct 2004 - Nov 2006

Client Service Professional

Convergys Customer  Management Group

Provided assistance and resolution to clients for both billing concerns and troubleshooting cable equipment malfunctions

Developed and maintained proficiencies in word processing and company software

Mentored new employees in procedures and shared best practices

Volunteer Experience

2013 - Present I have worked with the Victim Services Unit with the Lethbridge Regional Police Service as a Crisis Support Worker. I would attend calls with police officers to support victims of crime.

2013  - Present I have volunteered time with South Country Treatment Center to support residents in the facility.



Complex Problem Solving

I have acquired abilities to actively work out several potential solutions for challenges. I am able to do this individually or as a team member.

Decision Making and Follow Through

I have developed the ability to make a decision and follow through confidently with action. In making these decisions, I consider consequences to determine the best course of action.


In my time supervising, I led people and earned the confidence of my subordinates. I lead with integrity, holding myself to the same standards of my subordinates. This style enables me to groom team members for future growth.


I am able to identify within a set of tasks to be completed which are most urgent. I recognize how important prioritization is in how it affects my team members and subordinates.


In all my employment, I have honed my ability to foresee what may be required next. This has permitted me to prepare in advance before the need arises. This skill has served me well in leadership and performing other tasks. 

Characteristics and Attributes

I am honest, punctual, reliable, courageous, honorable, cooperative, trustworthy, sincere, professional, empathetic, ambitious, personable, industrious, dedicated, genuine, flexible, and consistent


Feb 2015 - Present

Group Crisis Intervention

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
Feb 2015 - Present

Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

Extracurricular Activities

I thoroughly enjoy exercising at a fitness facility. This promotes both my physical and mental well being.

I enjoy investing time with my family engaging in a variety of activities including game nights at home.

I enjoy entertaining friends and family in my home.

I enjoy taking walks with my wife and our dog.

I enjoy the challenge of continuous learning, often taking on projects I am unfamiliar with.




Dorothy McCrae - CFIA Inspector

(403) 715-7412

Jackie Schuler - Production Lead Hand

(403) 329-1837

Stacey Douglas -Production Supervisor

(403) 795-0001