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  • Excel in most sports.
  • Great appreciation for music - majored in guitar performance
  • Interest in song crafting.
  • Interacting with individuals from different cultures, as well as traveling.


To obtain a counseling position in which I can empower individuals who are challenged by life’s hardships and traumas. By offering quality counseling services and empathy to the client, I can facilitate the healing process, and provide strategic tools for healthy living.


Psychometric tools
  Certified to administer the following Clinical Assessments:     Behavior Assessment System of Children, 2nd Edition (BASC-2) Semistructured Clinical Interview for Children and Adolescents (SCICA) Prepare/Enrich Facilitator Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B) 16 Personality Factors (16PF) Strong Interest Inventory Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank (RISB) Young’s Schema Questionnaire
Cross-cultural experience
  Extensive experience working with individuals from different cultures as evidenced by traveling and assimilating to new cultures. Ability to connect with individuals from different cultures. Proficient in:  (1) developing cultural knowledge of other societies (2) developing cultural sensitivity and awareness (3) collaborating and asking for input from members of the cultural group being served   
Group therapy
Excellent knowledge of group work theory and practice principles.   Strong ability to engage with group members by: developing a culturally responsive therapeutic relationship with group members; attending to the interpersonal dynamics and contextual factors that both strengthen and potentially threaten the therapeutic alliance; establishing a a relationally based process that encourages clients to be equal participants in the establishment of treatment goals and expected outcomes. Proficient in assessing and intervening in group process demonstrated in: the activities, interpersonal exchanges, problems, and progress of the group; clients readiness for change; clients coping strategies to reinforce and improve adaptation to life situations, circumstances, and events; use of clinical evaluation of the process and/or outcomes to develop best-practice interventions for a range of bio-psycho-social-spiritual conditions.
  Strong ability to put myself in a client's shoes in order to gain a better understanding of the client's feelings, thoughts, and actions.   The aim is to try to see the world through the client's eyes.   Proficient in instilling confidence, trust, and hope in the client.    
Child-Centered Play Therapy
  Unlike adults, children's number one way of communicating is best demonstrated through play.   Proficient in interacting with the child in a playroom environment.   Strong ability in helping the child:  (1) become more relaxed and open, and (2) be able to utilize things that they understand, toys and play, to develop understanding, acceptance and mastering of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  

Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Music Team Management

Woodland Hills Community Church

  • Manage and direct a team of musicians in practices and performances. 
  • Select and prepare music for church services on a bi-weekly basis.
Jul 2008Nov 2012

Freelance Translator

General Research of Electronics

  • Lead French translator for General Research of Electronics. 
  • Translated technical manual for scanner-receiver devices for use in Québec, and Europe.
Jun 2012Aug 2012

Graduate Counseling Intern

Oliver Gospel Mission

  • Worked one-on-one with individuals admitted in a 6-month addiction recovery program. 
  • Use of a cognitive behavioral approach for recovery. 
  • Weekly meeting with internship supervisor.
Aug 2011May 2012

Graduate Intern - Counseling

Marshall Elementary School

  • Worked one-on-one in weekly sessions with students exemplifying emotional, social, and behavioral issues. 
  • Use of play therapy in treating clients. 
  • Weekly meeting with internship supervisor.
Aug 2010May 2012

Graduate Teacher Assistant

Columbia International University

  • Assistant for the M.A. Clinical Counseling program.
  • Worked alongside graduate clinical counseling professors. 
  • Led weekly groups for graduate students exploring matters of personal development.
Aug 2008May 2012

Customer Service Librarian

Columbia International University

  • Provided customer service at the circulation desk of CIU’s library. 
  • Proficient in library science.


Aug 2009Aug 2012

Master of Arts

Columbia International University
Sep 2000Jul 2003

International Baccalauréat

Lycée de Sèvres


Oct 2012Oct 2014

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern



Charlie Koestline

Mark Bolte

Harvey Payne