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Work experience

May 2015Present

Bartender / Floor & Bar Supervisor

Sugarmil / Sweethearts Rooftop / Kit & Kaboodle / Barbarellos - The Keystone Group

Quickly after starting at the sugarmill I rose to the top, being trusted to run any of the bars on my own. Trainee manager has also been offered to me but was taken away due to the fact i am not an Australian citizen. My main role is the preparation of all 4 bars in the building, making sure they are ready to open on time and well stocked. After all bars are open I move from floor to floor helping out where is busiest, wether I'm on the bar making drinks, on the pass help run food or on the floor crowd controlling.

Nov 2014May 2015

Cocktail Bartender

theloft - The Keystone Group

After coming back to theloft for a second time I took on a higher role in my eyes as most looked to for knowledge and experience from the new bartenders. Bar trainee manager would have been my next step in The keystone group but since I am not an Australian citizen they did not see the value in training someone who wouldn't be around for long

May 2014Jul 2014

Cocktail Bartender

The Winery - The Keystone Group

Apart from cocktail preparation, I expanded my knowledge in wines and champagnes. I learnt to distinguish wines from what region of countries they come from just by smelling. 

Nov 2013Apr 2014

Cocktail Bartender

theloft - TheKeystone group

Speedy and elegant preparation of over 200 classic cocktails including 20 of our own twists. 2IC for busy weekends, supervising fellow bartenders, making sure the bar is up to standards and ready for service including elegant garnishes, syrups, infusions, etc... Lots of brainstorming with bar managers and fellow bartenders for new cocktail menu and cocktail specials Also doing celebrity shifts downstairs in Bungalow 8 helping out during the busy periods of the season

Mar 2013Oct 2013

Cocktail Bartender

PREVIOUSLY DREAMERS Puerto Banus May to Cocktail Bartender & Backbar organizer, preparation of hundreds of cocktails and long drinks on our very busy friday pool parties, organization and stocking of bar on quieter days. Preparation of large spirit bottles & champagne for beds in the spending of thousands of euros. Working up to 14 hour shifts on the busiest days & then 8 hour shifts at the nightclub on the weekend
Nov 2012Mar 2013

Cocktail Bartender

San Pedro
EL RINCON DE LA SALA-Cocktail Bartender Only barman preparing hundreds“ Spanish Style” drinks such as the popular Gin & Tonic in its balloon glass with different types of fruit peels and other spices associated with the particular Gin. Designed current Gin & Tonic menu including 20 different types of gin and 5 different tonics with suggestions to the customer of best combination.
May 2012Sep 2012

Cocktail Bartender

Puerto Banus

SALA BEACH (Previously Buddha Beach) Cocktail Bartender preparing a large amount of different cocktails on a daily basis. LOVEJUICE PARTIES barman and pool waiter preparing hundreds of cocktails for the biggest beach party on bank holiday and as a waiter selling large bottles of Spirits and Champagne.

Mar 2011Jun 2012

Cocktail Bartender

Puerto Banus--Cocktail Bartender mixing variety of creative cocktails for an international clientele in a very busy environment. Organized Main bar stock and supplies(Helping out at Lovejuice Parties at Sala Beach(Previously Buddha Beach) throughout the summer as cocktail bartender preparing thousands of the famous buddha beach strawberry daiquiri and other long drinks)


Aug 2009Jul 2010

Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management

Hotel School The Hague

First year of four year Bachelorʼs program for Hotel Management which included complete training in all aspects of Hotel catering, finance/ management. One Year Russian Language FLUENT ENGLISH AND SPANISH SPOKEN AND WRITTEN with French

Jan 2007Jan 2008

Construction and Architecture

Bath City College U.K