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With over 12  years of accomplished experience in high-dollar, high-profile Sales and Marketing with a global industry leader, I have built a reputation of contributing up to multi-million dollar annual positive impacts on bottom lines. I am exceptional not only at establishing new revenue streams, but also in finding significant up-selling opportunities within existing channels. I am a dynamic leader with a history of developing exceptionally high-achieving teams of up to 350 people by leading by example, open communication and maximizing their strengths.

Possessing a constant goal focus, I execute all roles and responsibilities with the end result in mind. My initiatives have been wildly successful, and I can maximize your sales potential and market share through strategic market planning. My tendency to take the performance of the company personally, as if I owned it myself, has earned my reputation as an unmatched asset to my employers. Let’s have a conversation about what this focus can do to realize your company's true revenue potential.

► Territory Turnaround Expert
► Reputation as a Trusted Resource
► Strategic Marketing Specialist

Core Strengths:

• Strong Executive Presence
• Sales Process Development
• Cost Control to Increase Margins
• Market Expansion
• Strategy to Action
• Program Launches
• Unmatched Business Ethics

Key Skills: Dynamic leader, mentor, and collaborator at all organizational levels ◆ Innovative problem solver ◆ Natural instincts for increasing revenue ◆ Skillful negotiator ◆ Cultivates Sales/Marketing teams through creative leadership ◆ Excels in a creative, collaborative environment ◆ Creates immense customer loyalty ◆ High autonomy and a strong record of success.

Work Experience


Vice President of Banking, Branch Manager

JP Morgan Chase

Responsible for creating an environment that delivers an exceptional experience for both customers and employees. Through hiring top talent; developing each member of the team to their fullest potential; setting a clear direction for the branch; creating great partnerships within Chase and the community at large -- all while maintaining a focus on our customers. 

• Actively identified, coached, developed, motivated and supported employees so that they could provide superior service to every customer.

• Created a climate in which people want to do their best.

• Made lives of customers more convenient by sharing and setting up self-service options to access their accounts.

• Set clear objectives for the branch and for each employee, and monitored progress and tracked results.

• Improved revenues and expenses and grew the business, while exceeding customer expectations.

• Ensured that the branch team complied with policies, procedures and regulatory banking requirements.

• Established and maintained effective relationships with customers, business partners, staff and members of the community.


Insurance Agent and Consultant

HealthMarkets and California Casualty Management Company

• Worked with national and regional specialized clients (firefighters, educational professionals, medical professionals and police officers) in addition to individuals and businesses to meet sophisticated insurance needs.


Regional Manager

Landmark Worldwide

• Accountable for the largest territory in a $84M global enterprise, bringing in $3.2M annually from a $585 product, catapulting sales in one of the highest profile territories 152% during tenure.

• Managed team of 350 professionals in sales and event management.

 Consistently the top 1% sales producer in North America for 8 years.

• Maintained an initial conversion rate of over 55%, over double the 25% company average.

Designed a sales presentation that boosted sales of a premier offer 193%, while skyrocketing long term retention by 185%.

Consistently converted underperforming territories and channels into top performers by building relationships based on trust, married with impeccable follow-through.

Maintained an initial conversion rate of over 55%, over double the 25% company average.

 Designed a sales presentation that boosted sales of a premier offer 193%, while skyrocketing long term retention by 185%.

 Expanded into a new market, adding an incremental $138K first year revenue.

 Known sales leader by over quadrupling sales (425%) from presentation events, while decreasing sales cycle time by 15%.

 Handpicked to be one of 20 leaders worldwide to be certified to lead a high visibility training course.

 Promoted to a top leadership position within 2 years, unheard of within the company.

 Led by an example of excellence, fostering a work environment that empowered the staff.

 Mentored team members into senior leadership roles at a rate of over 3 times predecessor.

 Trained sales team to be the most effective in the country in lead conversions.

 Swelled profitability by updating mail marketing to email notifications.

 Expert at expanding new business, with 95% of revenue being incremental, and highly adept at creating an exceptional customer experience, with 77% of first time customers signing up for more services within the first 30 days.

 Phenomenal public speaking record, leading meaningful presentations to approximately 100,000 audience members over 8 years.

 Oversaw the largest corporate rebranding effort for division in 17 years.

 Created short/long term planning to lead team to consistently increase revenue for the last 5 years in tough market times, including a 14% increase in 2014, the largest companywide.