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Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Administrative Assistant

Express Tire (Corporate)

During my time at Express Tire, I have come a long way from the simple data entry I started with. Since August of 2014, my responsibilities have become much more accounting-centric.

I have worked directly with the Director of the Accounting Department to refine old processes, streamlining them and protecting them from human error.

As a result, our staff is able to focus more on the sales side of business while the Accounting Department takes care of accounting.

Aug 2007Present

Computer Consultant


I have always sought small jobs here and there, doing everything from fixing computer software/hardware issues to designing and maintaining websites.

The most memorable job was the time I commuted to downtown San Diego via the Coaster to run a basic virus scan because my client wasn't the most well-versed with computers. I walked about 3 miles to provide in-home service for $40, most of which went to pay for the train fare. I spent the remaining money on a 99-cent McDonald's burger.

Over the years, I've learned a good deal about interfacing with customers, making them feel respected (a difficult task sometimes when it comes to computer repair), and managing my own budget.

Mar 2009Dec 2012

In-Home Care Provider


I was responsible for the welfare of a severely autistic male in his late teens. My daily responsibilities included seeing to his hygiene, maintaining his daily routine, ensuring he exercised, kept to his diet, took his pills, and didn't completely destroy himself, myself, or the house when he went into a rage.

I did a pretty good job, and it taught me a great deal about patience and humility. I took quite a few blows, even going to the hospital once, but I still loved the kid like a brother.


I have designed several Excel sheets to maintain proper records. Each of them has been designed with the notion of removing as much human error as possible, as well as streamlining their use.
Software Design
Before I learned it, I thought software design was more of a side-effect of programming itself. Having coded several bits of custom software, I've learned that end-used presentation is everything. Having a good interface makes software easy to use. You don't rev your engine by pulling on the cord, you just press the gas. Why spend time digging for the right button?
I've used Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications to design automated Excel sheets that take in raw data from banks or our ticketing system, and churn out meaningful data for review.
Batch Files
I've learned DOS Batch File composition during my time at Express Tire as a way to do everything from automate simple tasks to orchestrate entire systems with individual "moving parts".
As a member (the only member at times) of our school's Java Programming Club, I took a few-thousand-page Java instruction manual from our lead teacher and pored through its pages over my summers. Since then, I've used Java to automate my personal life as well as those spots in my professional life where I needed those extra capabilities a "real" language provides (as compared to VBA or the like).
I remember some French from the 7 years I took in middle/high school. Je peux parler avec quel'que persons qui ce parles.