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Professional Profile

Innovative and dynamic problem-solver and team leader that links strategy to project goals. Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication skills that enable teams across the regional and global organization to clearly understand objectives, workflow processes, and quality controls levels. Ensures continuous project management process improvements with utilization of Lean & Six Sigma Green Belt skills.  Engage with peers and upper management at all levels of the business, managing their expectations for project/tool delivery, escalating project issues, risks, and recommendations to senior leadership as appropriate.

Work experience

Jun 2013Aug 2014

Project Manager / Process Engineer

  • A manufacturing company was facing staff & process restructuring for one of their facilities which contained about 500 employees. I performed time studies, analyzed data, lead a team, and created metrics which would ultimately determine the process capability for each of their departments. The challenges included process identification, stakeholder identification, project risk identification, data generation/validation for each process, task identification for each employee, and equipment space constraint limitations. The development, execution, control, and close of the project plan that I created and managed for each department was ultimately implemented to the clients’ complete satisfaction.
  • At the end of the project, I made a formal presentation discussing the findings and the implications of the report for the facility. This included additional strategies on how to address deficiencies discovered during the implementation of the project. Since those deficiencies were outside of the scope of the project, the report made recommendations on how to proceed if the project sponsor chose to do so. Ultimately, the customer was “highly satisfied” with the results of the report.
Jun 2012Aug 2012

Industrial Engineer 

US Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery
  • I created a set of project assessment reports concerning the status of process improvement projects previously implemented within the past 2 years for 3 naval hospital locations. The project assessment reports compared the original objectives of each project with the validation of the actual project results. For this task I traveled to each site location where I interviewed project leaders, I extracted data from their systems, and ultimately the projects’ successes and failures were highlighted. The types of projects reviewed involved a “Central line insertion kit” installation, patient wait time reduction, and a “MOA/MOU” agreement cycle time reduction projects.
  • Ultimately a High Impact report was generated with a presentation identifying each project’s success and failures; the report also contained a list of suggestions for management to move forward and address any project’s deficiencies from their initial goals.
Jul 2010Jan 2012

Industrial Engineer / Project Manager / Consultant

Butterball, LLC
  • Multiple manufacturing processes within a facility were recently modified to meet new customer requirements; I was hired to reevaluate the process capability for multiple product lines for each affected department. I was able to calculate the process capability for the client and generate capacity estimates for each product produced on their lines. My goal was to verify that the result of process changes were in alignment of the overall business strategy. As a result I interviewed employees, extracted data within their system for analysis, validated the accuracy of their SOPs, sampled production throughput data, and generated statistical forecasts for each product.
  • Successfully I created a formal presentation reflecting the results of the project. The project was highlighted as a success as indicated by the improvement of packaging efficiency by 33% and on time scheduled orders by 30% after the implementation of my capacity recommendations. The project met the customer’s requirements, was completed on time, and within budget.
Jun 2006Jun 2009

Industrial Engineer / Product Manager

Smithfield Packing Company
  • Lead in the creation of best practice strategies ultimately used to successfully determine how to allocate resources concerning the production of new and existing products; created new responses within the manufacturing facility that allowed the facility to become more aligned with the evolving business case; this work effectively minimized the total expenditure cost for the organization along with implemented small-scale projects with a facility. Projects were lead working in a functional hierarchy with multiple departments to complete each project successfully.
  • As a result of one of the projects, product changeover time with packaging equipment was successfully reduced by rationalizing the box mixture, which resulted in a savings of $180,000 annually by the close of the project. In another project, a new water system within a facility was replaced resulting in a facility savings of $265,000 in annual savings. In one project, a reduction in supply and labor costs was achieved by increasing the size of product batch sizes which reduced product changeover time for the facility that ultimately produced a cost savings of $144,000 annually. In another exemplary project, tasks performed by the employees were rearranged and my work resulted in increased overall percent utilization of the department. This was achieved by through the implementation a “line optimization” program with the scheduling department, which ultimately resulted in $73,000 in annualized labor savings.
Jul 2005Apr 2006

Industrial Engineer

Static Control Componenets
  • Time studies were performed to calculate labor costs for new products. I successfully designed tools and workstations for using AutoCad to improve productivity. Created, reviewed, and implemented SOP manuals for ISO 9000. Maintained MS access databases.


Jan 2010Dec 2012



Operations Research

Aug 2001May 2005



Industrial Engineering


Project Management Professioal

Project Management Methodologies 


Professional Objective

Project Manager with expertise in the realization of project results through stated objectives, action plans, and timetable planning, effectively moving the organization towards its mission. Accomplished Project Manager with unique engineering foundation seeking to leverage extensive background in the implementation of strategic management strategies.

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Leader with a track record of delivering major development projects and implementations and plotting strategic direction and business development milestones. Proven ability to identify program management support systems to meet requirements and implement preemptive solutions with support strategies to sustain them for the long-term. Initiated product changeover reduction and quantity of employees required to package products, introducing bulk purchasing advantages and eliminate ergonomic issues totaling $180,000 annually. Qualified to create sustainable programs focused on customer service and provide seamless experience across the enterprise/key projects.

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Project management focused, skilled in directing execution, sustainability, cohesive missions, and lean process improvement projects according to organizational standards. Experience dealing with clients to coordinate and enhance / reduce labor costs and product waste by improving accuracy and project success. Implements best practices and deep understanding of policy when leading change.

Client Testimonial 

Mr. Hooper’s technical skills are excellent and his ability to perform high-level statistical analysis is world-class. He is very task-oriented and gets work done successfully. His non-technical skills such as presentation of results, interviews with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are superb