Timo Lempu


About Me


If you are reading this CV, you may find that I am a young man, with little work experience. But I assure you that this is only, the history of my life. There is actually a lot more to me as this CV might suggest. There a lot more and better-qualified people with certain degrees but not alway does a degree make a good worker. The worker must have other qualities than just degrees. They must have motivation and inspiration to go places and do things others are not capable. I would suggest I am a doer and give 100 percent to my projects! To help others as I believe if you want to  get something from others you have to give even more. I am a positive, forward thinking and rational person who has the urge to lear trough experience and keep on obtaining knowledge about how the world works by helping others to achieve. 

Work History

Work History

Owner/board member/sales manager

Apr 2014 - Present
EstNor Trade

Company with my father which dealt with fish export from Norway, through Estonia to Ukraine. Due the political situations, in Ukraine the company is at the moment, without income!

Surfclub manager/Surf instructer

May 2015 - Sep 2015
MTÜ Saarema Surf

I managed one of the two surfclub here in Estonias biggest island, Saaremaa


Jul 2014 - Nov 2014
Mõnus Villem OÜ

I was a waiter!



Business lessons courses

Sep 2013 - Apr 2014
Projektiekspert OÜ

Basic knowledge about and around business 

High School Graduate

1999 - 2011
Kuressaare Gümnaasium