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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Senior Developer

Mears Plc

Primarily this role has involved application development within a team environment whose collective responsibility includes the continued maintenance and functional enhancement of a large business management solution. This system has adopted a modular based programming approach and contains several distinct elements written in both C# and VB which are combined in a single interface to facilitate all aspects of managing government contracts for the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of social housing.

The business relies heavily on the management of their resources by dynamically transferring core job and addressing information directly to field operatives who are responsible for the resolution of tenant issues.

This role has allowed me to take the technical lead in the development of a resource scheduling component to manage the delivery of contract responsibilities in a timely fashion. It has meant a full overhaul of the existing system architecture to accommodate more dynamic resource driven approach. It has required the extension of existing Infragistics controls through inheritance, overriding and extensive use of creation-filters and draw-filters which has empowered our schedulers with the tools required to effectively manage resources in real-time. Feedback from operative devices is now propagated back to these screens so that schedulers can be proactive in rescheduling resources to maintain our commitments and ensure a better service to the tenants. [Supporting Architecture developed on SQL 2005 and SQL2008 platforms utilises and solutions. A number of supporting web-services and windows services also exist to transfer client data to and from this system. Message Communication between remote applications has been developed using WCF with MessageQueue and .net framework 4.0]

Sep 2007Aug 2008

Senior Developer

GCap Media Plc

Sole developer for the Commercial Links Service (CLS) which is a web service designed to exploit the revenue potential of associate partnerships schemes such as Amazon and iTunes. Implementation of this solution has seen massive revenue generation over a relatively short period of time, leading to system wide integration. [Web service written using framework 2.0 supporting both SOAP and REST with supporting cache on demand architecture developed in SQL 2005]

Sole developer for an automated data processing and validation tool to empower the Client Relationship Management team, allowing them to migrate large listener portfolios from redundant / partner micro site systems with the minimum of data cleansing and effort. [Windows forms application developed in on framework 2.0 and posting to a SQL 2005 database]

Sole developer responsible for further development of the Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. This has involved continued maintenance work and additional feature releases intended to improve the listener interactive experience. The CRM system acts as the core interactive infrastructure, supporting over 50 branded websites. [Supporting Architecture developed on SQL 2000 platform utilising a web service to mediate communication to database sub-systems]. Additional synchronisation systems have been developed and are maintained to ensure data integrity across multiple systems where replication is an issue. This includes Email Reaction, which has been employed as the business' campaign management solution. [Synchronisation with digital marketing solution achieved through several bi-directional windows services developed in and Visual]

Additional functionality that I have added to the solution includes;

·      SMS Transmission, allowing registered listeners to send messages via web pages.

·      Automated allocation of commercial promotional codes to listeners on demand.

·      Refer-A-Friend (RAF) functionality.

Technical lead for third party system integration and micro site development. As well as extending the functionality of the businesses existing external facing web services, this responsibility has required me to liaise with a number of external development teams to ensure compatibility and to maximise the potential impact on the listeners experience. Existing security protocols had to be modified to allow for multiple concurrent partnership access, and concise documentation was produced to support integration of future partnership schemes.

May 2006Aug 2007

Senior Developer

Affinix Group Ltd

Employed in the position of Senior Developer, I spent the majority of my time furthering the development of an initial marketing concept for one of the business’ largest clients. This role included the interpretation of core business requirements into intricate technical components spanning several different integrated systems. These systems in combination formed a large scale integrated customer relationship marketing solution which currently supports over 60 branded websites. The system manages the business’ online user community, their personal contact information, communication option information, session management information and a host of other features designed to provide the business with categorised contactable marketing portfolios. [Supporting sub-systems written in Visual, Visual Basic script, Visual Basic for Applications and]

Collaborative development of web service to leverage the potential functionality of a consolidated CRM. This component was designed to act as mediator between the transactional database warehouses and the interactive components of the websites. This service allowed the client to sub-contract their web-site requirements to a known well established business so that they could focus on their marketing strategy. [Web service developed in framework 1.1]

Solely responsible for the further development of all transaction SQL and stored procedure creation within the solution, and the redevelopment of existing core procedures to ensure optimisation and conformity to known professional standards.

Nov 2002Sep 2005

Senior Systems Analyst / Programmer

Lease & Loan Insurance Services (Greater American Insurance Group)

Primarily responsible for the sole development of a corporate solution for the management of new product information. This solution included the reading, storage and management of client bordereau information, autonomous client invoice creation, policy management, complex management reporting and earnings based system calculation and processing. [Core components developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual with underling architecture developed in Microsoft Access and later migrated to SQL 2000 which I was then responsible for administrating]

The businesses international directive to employee Microsoft’s .Net technology in all future system development allowed me to pioneer this by incorporating it into the components already under development. I soon found myself answering enquires from other development teams all over North America under the Greater American Insurance umbrella.

This role has lead to the application of comprehensive systematic changes to the existing policies and practices undertaking in the day-to-day operation of the business. I have also introduced core standards and practices in support of the development and maintenance of both solution architecture and the supporting documentation within a multi developer environment.

Sep 1998Nov 2002

Team Leader - Database Engineer

BAE Systems plc

Originally employed in the position of integration engineer for the weapon systems dynamics team, I migrated into the information technology systems development team after expressing and interest in this technology.

Collectively responsible for the management and maintenance of over fifteen Microsoft Access database systems. These basic information systems had been developed prior to my employment and had been created in support of several key areas of the business. These range from Financial Account Management to Software License Management and utilised a number of VBA environments for reporting in Microsoft Excel and producing automated documentation in Microsoft Word. Integration of these individual systems into a singular business solution became the key focus of my employment as well as adding additional functionality to the existing systems.

Responsible for the acquisition of additional resources. This allowed the team to maintain our current service level so that a colleague and I could focus on redesigning the existing system utilising Oracle technology. The expansion of the development team had therefore seen my responsibilities grow to also include basic day-to-day management of workflow, annual appraisals, recognition of achievements and continued monitoring/assessment of annual objectives. I was also responsible for coaching the team in the following areas; general programming best practices, algorithm based SQL design, Object Oriented Programming Design, Data cleansing and Integration Techniques.


I have a proven track record of applying my analytical and technical development skills in the creation of a number of custom solutions for a variety of individual business challenges. I have been lucky enough to have a career which has provided me with the tools necessary to cultivate a comprehensive skill set, helping to further proliferate my reputation as a person who can overcome difficult technical problems in unique business situations.

I am considered highly motivated, committed and hard working with the ability to cope readily with responsibility and pressure. I have sound communication, liaison, interpersonal and technical skills and work efficiently and effectively both on my own initiative and in a team environment. 

Additional Notes

I decided to take a career break between the dates of Oct 2005 and Feb 2006 where I took the opportunity to travel to some of the far reached tropical islands in French Polynesia and then later New Zealand.


Peter Cropley

"Tim started his employment with GCap media in September 2007 and in February 2008 became a member of the development team under my management. During this time he has proved himself to be a key member of the team making significant contributions to projects. His professional attitude towards his work and a genuine interest in what he did ensured a consistent standard of work. Tim clearly demonstrated an ability and willingness to turn his skills to a number of different challenges making him a very dynamic and dependable member of the team.

Whilst working for GCap Tim has made valuable contributions to the company. Our Customer Relationship Management system and Commercial Links Service are two key products for the development team and Tim has been instrumental in their effectiveness. His communication skills and professional approach has enabled him to deal efficiently and confidently with clients. I am sure that the collection of skills Tim has would be an asset to any future employer."

Simon Harries-Land

“Tim was employed with Affinix between the dates of May 2006 to August 2007 and proved to be a valued member of the team. He consistently demonstrated a professional attitude and a keen interest in overcoming the challenges presented to him during his employment. He has good communication skills, an excellent technical aptitude and is flexible and hard working.

During his tenure with Affinix he was a key member of the team responsible for the technical development of a large scale integrated customer relationship marketing solution for one of our largest clients. His role included database architectural design and development, web-service development and the creation of underling transactional SQL logic.

Tim was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with his colleagues, clients and other professional organizations. He is a good team member, and also capable of working on his own initiative. He would be an asset to any employer and I would highly recommend him for any endeavour that he chooses to pursue."

Scheduling Software

Graphic Design


Sep 1994May 1997

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with Honours

University Of Bath

2:2 ‘Electrical and Electronic Engineering’

Sep 1992May 1994

B.Tec National Diploma

South Devon College Of Arts & Technology

Merit: ‘Microwave Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering’

GEA – General Engineering Appreciation (eNTRA)

SEA3 – Electronic Engineering Application (eNTRA)


Memory Profiling, Leakage Detection and Resolution
Source Control Software
Multi Developer Environments
Documentation and Requirements Capture
SQL Database Administration
Transactional SQL & Stored Procedure Development
Web-service Design and Development
Database Architectural and System Design
Microsoft C#.Net / VB.Net / ASP.Net / ADO.Net