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About me

I have worked on several rapid growth projects like the Mio Alpha that was launched and successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012. As the only in-house analyst, I had to solve many problems between multiple teams with speed, accuracy and collaboration. Rapid problem solving, self-directed learning and a good sense of humour are what I bring to every team. The first-hand experience and success I have gained in retail and at a rapid growth wearable technology company makes me a valuable asset for any new or expanding B2C business. 

Specifically in building processes to handle financial and inventory forecasting across global supply chains & global customer bases. I am an open, and outgoing person that values personal development, engaging life experiences and sharing what I know with others. Goal setting and achievement is an essential part of my life. I also worked at one of the fastest growing retail companies in the world Kit And Ace, before the sh*t hit the fan and they had to scale back.

Currently, Senior Software at Bonobos in New York City developing E-commerce integrations in Ruby on Rails, Dell Boomi, and other assorted technology.

Work experience


Senior Software Engineer

I work on the Foundation team developing NetSuite & Custom E-commerce integrations and developing all other essential software. Ground floor implementation team.

  • Ruby on Rails Development E-commerce for integration into NetSuite
  • PostgreSQL development 
  • SuiteScrip ( Javascript) t & workflow development
  • Dell Boomi development
  • Working with many stakeholders to develop the best experience possible
  • Company wide hackathon coordinator - public speaking, and working with many teams to create a massive event.
  • Tech Leadership on multiple projects
Kit and Ace 

Application Developer & other stuff

An intense constantly changing international clothing "start up"  that has gone from 1 store to over 70+ and in 5 countries in 24 months, and insane growth.  The speciality is luxury fabrics with technical properties that allow for easier care, greater comfort and increased functionality.

  • Cross functional financial reporting and requirements gathering, report building, dashboards, and KPI analysis 
  • Responsible for timely resolution of application issues, and undertake regular reviews of internal and external support KPI & SLA's
  • Manage application Change Process ( Git, NetSuite Suitebundler)
  • Business requirements gathering and solution delivery analysis 
  • Generate products as sketches, models, and early user guides or prototypes for new system functionality or enhancements 
  • Collaborate with the business and external/internal technical resources to develop and implement solutions
  • Perform system configuration
  • Develop scripts to customize system functionality  (javaScript, SQL, etc)
  • Implement and define best practices specific to customization, scripts, and business worfklows
  • Engage in system enhancements, enable new features, and support business execution
  • Maintain bundles, and packages as part of the system maintenance 
PAI Health

Inventory & Forecast Analyst - Manager

  • I am responsible for functional financial reporting, requirements gathering, report creation, dashboards, and KPI analysis.  I work closely with finance, sales, and operations to create many different KPI’s to measure success.
  • 5+ years of working with Netsuite. I have taken, many classes and deployed thousands of reports that are used everyday. I’m very comfortable using Netsuite. I am currently the administrator of the companies Netsuite deployment.
  • Managed many changes in the original Netsuite Scope to match new business needs. These include our North American expansion into a global company, warehouse additions USA,Canada, EU, HK, and a massive web store expansion.
  • Handled multiple Netsuite connectors to many Warehouses (Shipwire) which was featured as a case study, Shipping (Ozlink), in house Ecommerce connector, and many others that are used every day.
  • Assisted with business requirements gathering and developed many solutions for a gamut of business processes.  
  • Communicate daily with factories and our sales teams in the USA, Canada, and France creating a universal language between production, marketing, and the sales requirements for the company needs.

Ruddy Potato Whole Foods Market

Senior Buyer

  • Hired because of my understanding of how the business works and my customer service abilities - that's right I can talk and walk
  • Oversaw most of the purchasing and inventory management in its two locations
  • Producing budgets and sales forecasts for the year
  • Daily use of a database program for entry of inventory, inventory tracking, and invoicing
  • Dealing with a wide range of vendors from all over Canada, visiting warehouses and meeting with suppliers to identify appropriate products and bringing products to the shelf
  • Ensuring that the product arrives on time by coordinating pickups and deliveries with four shipping companies


Grant Dunbar

Director Product Management  @ PAI Health

His analytical nature and high proficiency with excel provide both the insight and tools for management to make the right decisions. Tim is a highly motivated individual who is constantly refining complex data into easily communicable mediums. Tim arrives early and manages Asian contract manufacturers late, he is on the details and it shows in his ability to smooth out the peaks and valleys in our supply chain



Javascript ( SuiteScript 1.0 ,SuiteScript 2.0,Node js) CSS, HTML ,Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python,Git

Project management

Agile, Scrum master, 


SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals
SuiteFlow: Advanced Workflows
SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Building Executive Dashboards


Advanced enough to be powerful with a line chart and deadly with a graph.
sumifs() to pivot tables I use it all.


I design, build and make visualizing data easy on the eyes and even easier to understand across many teams that need to understand what is happening.

Operating systems

I can use and abuse all mobile platforms and any laptop or desktop.  If it has a CPU I have probably played with it.




The altMBA is a leadership and management program led by Seth Godin.

Launch Academy

Launch pad

Created, researched and pitch my company


Homeschooled - Autodidact

Self taught pretty much everything, but don't' worry I've done graduate and undergraduate course.

Things i've worked on