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Tim Frazer


About me

Tim Frazer is a Senior Software at Bonobos in New York City as an undercover Canadian, developing integrations between systems using a collection of assorted technologies and programming languages.

I'm a self-directed learner, that likes teaching as I go with a sense of humour, and a big heart. I've built building processes to handle financial & forecasting across globally-focused companies and strive to shake up the "but we always did it that way before" attitude. I am an open, and outgoing person that values personal development, engaging life experiences and sharing what I know with others. Goal setting and achievement is an essential part of my life.

I also once worked at one of the fastest-growing retail companies in the world that no one knows anything about these days - Kit And Ace before the sh*t hit the fan.

I like to shake things up and collaborate on anything and everything I can to inspire people to innovate, and push boundaries ( 4+ hackathons, games nights, whiskey nights, recruiting events)  and many other projects that get people thinking.

 I have worked on several rapid growth projects like the Mio Alpha that was launched and successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012. As the only in-house analyst( jack of all trades), I had to solve many problems between multiple teams across the globe with speed, accuracy and collaboration. I have extensive knowledge in international trade, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and finance.

P.S I also love to lead by example and coach people whenever I can because people are awesome.

Work experience


Senior Software Engineer


I work on the Union Squared team developing integrations and developing all other essential software backend, and data engineering software. 

  • Python, JavaScript and some ruby
  • PostgreSQL, Redshift, all things DB
  • SuiteScrip ( Javascript) t & workflow development ( NetSuite)
  • Platforms Dell Boomi, Salesforce, NetSuite,  Salesforce
  • A lot of Agile training
  • Working with many stakeholders to develop the best experience possible
  • Tech Leadership on multiple projects
  • Company-wide hackathon coordinator - public speaking, and working with many teams to create a massive repeat event.

Application Developer & other stuff

Kit and Ace

An intense constantly changing international clothing "startup"  that went gone from 1 store to over 70+ and in 5 countries in 24 months,  formerly insane growth

  • Cross-functional financial reporting and requirements gathering, report building, dashboards, and KPI analysis 
  • Responsible for timely resolution of application issues, and undertake regular reviews of internal and external support KPI & SLA's
  • Manage application Change Process ( Git, NetSuite Suitebundler)
  • Business requirements gathering and solution delivery analysis 
  • Generated products as sketches, models, and early user guides or prototypes for new system functionality or enhancements 
  • Collaborated with the business and external/internal technical resources to develop and implement solutions
  • Perform system configuration
  • Develop scripts to customize system functionality  (JavaScript, SQL, etc)
  • Implemented and define best practices specific to customization, scripts, and business workflows
  • Engage in system enhancements, enable new features, and support business execution
  • Maintained bundles, and packages as part of the system maintenance 

Inventory & Forecast Analyst - Manager

PAI Health
  • I was responsible for functional financial reporting, requirements gathering, report creation, dashboards, and KPI analysis.  I worked closely with finance, sales, and operations to create many different KPI’s to measure success.

  • 5+ years of working with Netsuite. I have taken, many classes and deployed thousands of reports that are used every day. 
  • Managed many changes in the original Netsuite Scope to match new business needs. These include our North American expansion into a global company, warehouse additions USA, Canada, EU, HK, and a massive web store expansion.
  • Handled multiple Netsuite Integrations to many Warehouses (Shipwire) which was featured as a case study
  • Assisted with business requirements gathering and developed many solutions for a gamut of business processes.  
  • Communicate daily with factories and our sales teams in the USA, Canada, and France creating a universal language between production, marketing, and the sales requirements for the company needs.


Programming/Tools of power

Python, Javascript , Ruby, Git, Luigi, Kafka, Airflow, AWS, GCP, Heroku, Dell Boomi, I'll learn any tool that will do the job.


SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals
SuiteFlow: Advanced Workflows
SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Building Executive Dashboards
Salesforce Trailhead badges up the yin-yang





The altMBA is a leadership and management program led by Seth Godin.
Learning how to be uncomfortable producing a lot of content with distributed teams in a very short amount of time; it was amazing.


Launch pad

Launch Academy ( tech incubator)

Created, researched and pitch my company global tariff/taxes and classifier to making trade faster and easier between business and customers no matter where they were in the world for E-commerce platforms 🚀🌐🚀 


Homeschooled - Autodidact


Self-taught pretty much everything, but don't' worry I've done graduate and undergraduate courses from Computer Science to accounting.

Things i've worked on