Special Report: "Flight 585"


  • AMS & NWA Seals of Approval
  • Two-time Emmy Award winner
  • Amateur radio license (call sign KD5PZM)
  • Certified SKYWARN storm spotter
  • Years of experience forecasting weather in Tornado Alley
  • In-depth knowledge & forecasting of tropical systems and their inland effects
  • Member, National Weather Association
  • Member, American Meteorological Society
  • Solid news judgment & reporting skills
  • Experienced in the following weather graphics systems:
    • Weather Central Genesis
    • WSI WeatherPro and TrueView
    • Meteorlogix RT and StormCommander
    • Baron Radar FasTrac
    • Weatherbug

Work History

Work History

News Editor

Andover Journal-Advocate
  • News editor for suburban weekly newspaper with a circulation of approximately 2,500
  • Career highlights:
    • Broke story about recall of small-town mayor & city council members
    • Broke story about embezzlement scandal within a local organization; later assisted FBI with the case
    • Received "Key to the City" for comprehensive & balanced coverage of a controversial tax increase election
    • Supervised overall re-design of newspaper from black & white tabloid size to four-color broadsheet format
    • Nominated for national award "Outstanding Media Partner" under FEMA's Project Impact program (Nov 2000) because of nation's first and only weekly newspaper column dedicated to the topic of hazard mitigation

Weather Producer

  • Graphics artist for morning, noon, evening & weekend newscasts for #1 station in market
  • Gathered & coordinated storm spotter reports for meteorologists by using amateur radio, emergency scanners and viewer phone calls
  • Extensive experience tracking severe weather down to street level with live Doppler radar
  • Volunteer storm spotter for local emergency management


  • Weekend forecaster, with extensive weekday fill-in, for dominant #1 station in the market
  • Partnered with local SKYWARN storm spotter group during numerous severe weather outbreaks
  • Spent many afternoons & evenings tracking thunderstorms & tornadoes with uninterrupted live on-air coverage
  • Helped launch KidsCast weather segment, where local grade schoolers came to do the weather in the studio every Friday morning
    • Program was a such a success here that other stations began to implement KidsCast across the broadcasting group

Morning Meteorologist

  • Tracked tropical storms & hurricanes with live reports along Texas and Louisiana coasts, from New Orleans to Galveston
  • Marathon coverage as hurricanes approached Southeast Texas
  • Helped research, design & implement our brand new 50,000 Watt live Doppler radar by meeting with radar company sales representatives, creating radar graphics package and coming up with the name of the radar
  • Produced 30-minute launch special that introduced viewers to advantages of a live & local Doppler radar
  • Developed local Weather Watcher network for daily broadcast use by strategically placing thermometers & rain gauges at residences and businesses in viewing area
  • Introduced KidsCast segment to the Friday morning newscast
  • Conduct interviews with guests; regular segments of particular interest:
    • Tasty Tuesday - weekly cooking segment with local & regional chefs
    • At the Movies - weekly segment with local movie critic

Morning / Chief Meteorologist

  • Part of an award-winning morning news team that saw a rise in ratings from 3rd place to 1st place in target demos within a 3-book time period (May - November 2004)
  • Awarded Emmys for "Best Morning Newscast - Small Market" from Upper Midwest Chapter NATAS in October 2006 & October 2007
  • Unique situation serving as the Chief Meteorologist with on-air duties during the morning & noon broadcasts -- returning many times in the afternoons & evenings to anchor severe weather coverage, both in front of & behind the camera
  • Severe weather coverage:
    • Began with morning & afternoon news meeting briefings and coordinating reporter/photographer teams
    • Analyzed Doppler radar to determine if & when storms might develop and where they would be headed
    • Guided team of meteorologists through on-air coverage & relayed storm information derived from storm spotters via amateur radio & chat sessions with local National Weather Service offices
    • Occasionally reported live from the field while storm chasing
  • Wine & Dine Minnesota
    • Co-host of monthly 30-minute cooking show
    • Taped in front of live audience at a local country club
    • Received great feedback from management & viewers about interaction and witty banter between myself and club house manager who co-hosted

Morning Anchor / Meteorologist / Traffic Reporter

  • Hired to launch the market's first & only all-local, four-hour morning newscast
  • Awarded 2nd Place, Best Morning Show, Colorado Broadcasters Association in 2007 (our first year)
  • Unique situation serving primarily as the Morning Meteorologist, but with triple duties as the Traffic Reporter and News Anchor
  • News Anchor duties:
    • Edit & fact check broadcast copy / write stories, teases & interview segments prior to newscast
    • Research & pre-produce elements of the show in advance / coordinate & schedule live, in-studio guest interviews (up to 3 per day)
    • Conduct interviews with guests; regular segments of particular interest:
      • Fox Foods Friday (local chefs)
      • Pet of the Week (local Humane Society)
      • Money Matters (local financial advisor)
      • Health Connections (local medical experts)
    • Update website with content from morning show
    • Represent station at variety of community events, fund raisers, charitable organizations
  • Traffic Reporter duties:
    • Use data from MetroNetworks to determine road conditions across Southern Colorado
    • Manually update news ticker with accident, construction & advisory information
    • Manually create animated traffic graphics on weather computer for use on air
    • Switch back & forth between city-provided intersection cameras for use on air (showing a different intersection every 10 minutes)
  • Meteorologist duties:
    • Provide weather & traffic report every 10 minutes "on the 2s"
    • Tackle the challenge of forecasting in a mountain climate - variations in elevation can cause huge temperature swings & different precipitation types
    • Master the patterns to predict weather in three distinct seasons:
      • Monsoon Season - Pacific moisture comes from the West; heavy summer rainfall can cause flash flooding in mountainous & urban terrain
      • Fire Season - westerly Chinook winds race down the slopes of the Rockies, warming up & drying out the region to make for dangerous fire conditions
      • Blizzard Season - unparalleled geography creates perfect set-up for snow storms that can sometimes be measured with a yardstick
    • Provide forecast twice per day for partner radio station group
    • Update weather forecast on website using video, text & graphics
    • Visit local classrooms (ranging between K-12) to talk about weather & storm safety
  • Other:
    • 2-for-1 Dining & Fun Deals
      • Sales initiative where local & regional advertisers participated in a website-based coupon program
      • Fronted pre-recorded segments to highlight that week's advertiser
      • Given complete creative control over segments
      • Saw a correlation between segments & website traffic -- the more creative the offer, the more orders that were placed
    • KidsCast
      • Every Friday, students in grades 4-6 are eligible to do the weather on our morning newscast
      • Teach kids some basic principles of weather forecasting
      • Showcase kid's personality & talents
      • Coordinate outreach to regional schools & organizations to solicit student entries



Attended Mississippi State via their Distance Learning program in order to take enough credits to earn a Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology and be eligible for AMS and NWA certification.

Syracuse University - College of Arts and Sciences

Started out as a double major in broadcast journalism & international relations, but sophomore year decided to pursue meteorology as a career. Since Syracuse didn't offer that as a major, geography was the closest field I could get.