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Work experience


OEM Sales and Marketing Manager

Garmin International

Led an effort to increase divisional revenue 25% annually, spearheading initiative to bring on a major account currently under competitor stronghold. 

Additionally led a team to contribute to quadrupling revenue over six year period, from $30M to $120M.

Led cross-functional teams to add new product, resulting in multimillion dollar revenue. 

Set up breakthrough communication process to connect Accounts Receivable with Sales team, resulting in the recovery of $15M revenue previously in arrears.  

Managed just-in-time delivery process implementation, saving key account $500K in inventory, and employer 10-12% in shipping costs.  

Launched new market with potential of up to $5M annually

Took account from $2M to $12M in annual sales by upselling additional products to various lines of customer products.  Increased multiple lines within division by 350%, moving OEM from #12 to #2 in revenue.

Increased content on major platform leading to 200% improvement in revenue.  

Upsold a flagship account by 50% in 12 months.

Took small account from $10K to $250K in annual sales.


Field/ Sales Operations Manager

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Oversaw team contributing $4.5B in revenue share, comprising 43% of entire division revenue.

Collaborated with other managers to oversee 300 person sales force with a revenue goal of $12.46B.  

Credited for attaining 84% of shipment objective and 96% of demanding retail sales objective, both considered outstanding. 


Five Star Manager

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Led the development and rollout of improvement processes leading to the implementation of highly effective action plans in each of 2337 locations nationwide.


Managed brand building campaign, leading to 63 workshops with 1700 participants, and the addition of 400 locations to the brand.  

Executed the launch of customer satisfaction monitoring program, delivering at 9% under budget

Achieved outstanding year-end reviews, far exceeding goal requirements up to 150%.


Retail Marketing Manager

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Responsible for distribution of vehicles, $2M in sales through retail dealer network.

Developed and launched multiple sales events and promotional campaigns resulting in double digit growth rates from prior year periods.