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Successful program/project manager creating large-scale opportunities for new communities to experience space exploration and research in inspiring and empowering ways.

Education enthusiast using space exploration as a catalyst for STEM investigation, personal growth and development in educators, students, and young professionals

Highly experienced parabolic flight crew for "weightless" flights in the US.  Training and certification from the FAA and NASA.

Articulate and comfortable in front of a microphone, camera, and/or audience.  Multiple audio/video productions. Open to collaboration and consulting opportunities.  What are we creating today?

Work experience

May 2007Present

Chair, ISDC 2009

National Space Society

Led a competitive, successful bid to host the National Space Society's 2009 International Space Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. Managed a team of 100+ staff and volunteers through all phases of the project including site selection, advertising, conference program selection, setup and on-site operations.

Mar 2007Present


Space Task Force

Co-host of an occasional audio and video podcast focusing on space headlines and interviews.

Nov 2006Present

Steering Committee

Space Exploration Alliance

Organize collaborations between the nation's premiere space advocacy organizations.

Jan 2006Present

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Sky Fire Lab, LLC

Co-founded a "space culture" company with designer Karen Lau to revitalize the look and feel of the space industry and integrate space themes into everyday living. Now operating as an independently-owned consulting firm focussed on media, education, outreach, and event coordination for the aerospace community.

Dec 2005Present

President - Florida Space Coast Chapter

National Space Society

Direct operations for one of the most active chapters of the National Space Society. Activities include cross-organizational information sharing and event promotion, launch support and publicity, and general chapter meetings. Spearheaded successful rival bid to host 2009 International Space Development Conference in Florida.

Nov 2005Present

Assistant Director

Yuri's Night World Space Party

Global Executive Council position responsible for supporting events and organizers around the globe and beyond. Duties include support  and collaboration with the Executive Director on vision, organizational strategy, long-term and annual goals,  personnel coordination, overall implementation, and operational management.

Jun 2004Present

Director, Educational Projects

Space Generation Foundation

� Identify and pursue new opportunities for educational outreach � Responded to NASA Quest Challenges Program RFI � Executive Council member for Yuri�s Night- World Space Party project � Program Staff member, Space Generation Congress 2005 in Fukuoka, Japan � Inspiring Education workgroup member, Space Generation Congress 2004 in Vancouver, Canada

Jan 2004Present

Parabolic Flight Crew

Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G)
- Experience in all cabin crew positions for parabolic (weightless) flight operations including: • Flight Director* • Flight Attendant* • Flight Specialist • Flight Team Coach (*trained and certified by the FAA and Amerijet Airlines for these positions) - Additional training, certification, and experience as a Ground Security Coordinator for Amerijet Airlines - Experience as a Mission Director for technical crew pre-flight training
Apr 2009Jul 2009

Aerospace Curriculum Consultant at SpaceTEC

Brevard Community College

Provided subject matter expertise for the Florida Aerospace Microgravity Training Program. Consulted on curriculum revisions and movement to an online format. Also provided audio technician services to capture and edit voice-overs.

Jun 2008Jun 2009

Volunteers & Education

Ocean City Air Show

Organize and manage 40+ people as a volunteer workforce for the first and second annual OC Air Show in Ocean City, MD. Volunteer positions included tickets & security, program sales, parking, performer support, and hospitality.

Dec 2006Nov 2007

Education Program Manager

2007 World Space Expo

- Develop and implement an on-site education program for 3,000 students during the 2007 World Space Expo at Kennedy Space Center, November 3-11, 2007. - Design interactive activities that are correlated to relevant Florida education standards. - Facilitate participation by 6-8th grade classrooms from various parts of Florida. - Support informal educational activities for Girl Scouts participating in the World Space Expo. - Collaborate with partner organizations to create additional educational opportunities including online activities, support for educators, and local events.

Oct 2005Oct 2006

Event Manager, 2006 Space Generation Congress

Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

Managed the organization and execution of the premiere international gathering of youth and young professionals focussing on space exploration.  

- Maintained steady growth in applicants and attendees.  

- Located and coordinated venues in Valencia, Spain.

- Strengthened relationships with the International Astronautical Federation.

- Set new record for event sponsorship.

Dec 2005Aug 2006

Microgravity Program Manager

Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI)

- attract and coordinate research-oriented microgravity flights on parabolic aircraft operated by the Zero Gravity Corporation ( - create and manage partnerships to use facilities at the Kennedy Space Center to support microgravity research - assist with the development and implementation of workshops, seminars, online education modules, or other workforce development activities - manage the 2006 Space Generation Congress in Valencia, Spain

May 2003Dec 2005

Director, Research and Film Flight Operations

Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G)

• Designed, fabricated, installed, and obtained FAA approval for B727-200 modifications supporting commercial parabolic flight activities • Completed 14 CFR FAR Part 121 Flight Attendant Training and certification for all ZERO-G crew positions • Created and implemented research documentation and procedures • Responsible for attracting, coordinating, certifying, and managing all reduced-gravity research flight operations • Coordinated the certification, loading, and safe operation of equipment in support of media and filming flight operations

Jan 2003May 2004

Graduate Assistant, Affiliate Operations

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)

Helped to develop, implement, and maintain for-profit business ventures for the university. Created a specialized student handbook for an advanced pilot training program. Organized an industry workshop on pilot selection and training.

Aug 1998Dec 2002

Student Assistant

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

- Deptartment of Admissions - Resident Advisor - Deptartment of Housing - President's Office / Board Operations

Jul 2002Jul 2002

Adjunct Instructor

Daytona Beach Community College

Taught the "Comedy Workshop" and "Video Production" courses for local middle school students during the summer �Kids In College" program. Responsibilities included preparation of class materials, presentation of lectures on relevant subject matters, student project coordination, technical and artistic advisement, and overall operations of classes.

May 1999Aug 1999


US Space Camp Florida

- Managed 12 students continuously Sunday-Friday - Managed 6 adults + 6 students Friday-Sunday - Duties included: space history instruction, simulator training, model rocket launches, Kennedy Space Center tours, general supervision, and project management.




Landmark Education Corporation
Graduate of: - Landmark Forum - Advanced Course - Excellence Semenar - Self-Expression and Leadership Program - Communications: Access to Power - Communications: Power to Create - Wisdom Unlimited Course


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

- Received 12 credits toward a Master of Aeronautical Science degree - Completed all available education and training courses available - Discontinued pursuit of degree in favor of industry experience



Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

- Switched to Aerospace Studies after 1.5 years in Engineering Physics - Minors in: Space Studies, Communication, Psychology, and IT (webmaster)


Space Task Force



CFR FAR Part 121 Flight Attendant Training

Federal Aviation Administration