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About Tim Penix

After retiring from the military with more than two decades of U.S. military experience, Tim Penix is now a health coach at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in Sepulveda, California. A member of a primary care team that focuses on patient-centered treatment, Tim Penix teaches, counsels, and advises veterans who are facing chronic health challenges.

Tim Penix underwent training in integrative health coaching at Duke University. He has also completed relevant educational courses and certification while working at the VHA. Before assuming the role of health coach, he was responsible for motivating individuals to attain their personal health goals and instructing groups in an athletic club setting. Moreover, he previously served in the U.S Marine Corps and the U.S. Army National Guard and received numerous awards in recognition of his military achievements.

Mr. Penix keeps track of recent trends in healthy foods, healthy living, and sports medicine. Furthermore, he is a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators.                            

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