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Work experience


Director of Human Resources


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Arizona State University


Recognized for being a progressive HR leader, Mr. Tim Cahal is experienced at driving HR operations in order to fulfill the strategic goals and objectives of any organization. An accomplished Human Resources Executive, Tim Cahal has broad management experience, both domestic and international. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Tim satisfactorily earned Certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). He also successfully obtained a Certificate in Employee Relations and Law from the Institute for Applied Management and Law, Inc.

Having served as an Executive coach and adviser to the management teams of various organizations in different industries, Tim Cahal has accumulated intensive professional experience at driving organizational excellence and changing management efforts. He is a results-driven, high-energy, client focused, and strategic business partner with a passion for driving organizational capabilities and high performing cultures. Most passionate about adding value to organizations, Mr. Cahal is blessed with the ability to work with cross-functional leaders to implement HR initiatives. He is dedicated to driving HR operations to fulfill the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

Mr. Cahal has demonstrated excellence in defining and refining HR operations to achieve process optimization. He is committed to achieving a streamlined, stable HR function capable of supporting rapid business growth and building a people-focused culture. Tim has had proven success with start-up organizations in partnering with management to deliver effective HR initiatives that positively impact an organizations culture.

Focused on building his HR consulting business, Tim Cahal aims to capitalize on his leadership and coaching skills to assist fellow HR professionals in building solid HR departments for various companies and organizations. He sets up HR departments for start ups and oversees HR procedures and policies for small and medium businesses.