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Tim Broman Grape City

Tim Broman - Educator and Administrator with Grape City

About Tim Broman, Grape City

A longtime educational professional with many years of experience at MeySen Academy in Sendai, Japan, Tim Broman also managed the design and construction of the academy’s sister company Grape City. In the late 1980s, he moved to Japan and spent seven years teaching English to MeySen students in grades K-9. He then became a curriculum coordinator at the academy, dedicating himself to the development of a new ESL curriculum for young children.

During his time at Grape City and MeySen Academy, Mr. Broman restructured the English program’s methods and curriculum. They focused specifically on early childhood education, incorporating art, music, and video resources into lesson plans.

In 2011, he returned to his roots as an educator, teaching two classes at MeySen Academy. In this capacity, he took advantage of the opportunity to test the new phonics and reading/writing methods of the ESL program.                            

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