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Professional Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor Tilak Ramaprakash utilizes more than two decades of experience and training to fly various Boeing aircraft. Mr. Ramaprakash holds FAA licenses for Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Engineer, Ground Instructor, and Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. He has accumulated more than 10,000 total flight hours over 23 years of flying for more than a dozen airlines worldwide on both short- and long-term contracts. A graduate from Purdue University’s Department of Aviation Technology, Tilak Ramaprakash received an A.A.S. degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology as well as a B.S. in Aviation Technology, graduating in 1988. Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University is widely recognized as a leader in aviation education, attributed largely to the overall quality of its laboratory equipment, students, curriculum content, and faculty. Upon graduating from Purdue, Tilak Ramaprakash held various Aviation Mechanic, Ground Engineer, and Flight Engineer positions with a wide range of aviation companies. Over the next 10 years, Tilak Ramaprakash continued as a Flight Engineer and Pilot for various domestic and international airlines, including Baltic International Airlines (Riga, Latvia), Safair Ltd. (Johannesburg, South Africa), Custom Air Transport (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), and International Jet Services (London, England), among others.Tilak Ramaprakash later spent five years in Saudi Arabia flying for a corporate operator, Midroc Aviation. He joined the company as a B-727 Captain and was subsequently transferred to fly the company’s B-757 and 737 Boeing Business Jet.After leaving Midroc Aviation, Tilak Ramaprakash held short-term contracts for airlines such as SpiceJet, Skystar Airways, Golden International Airlines, Bel-Air Aviation, and Air Sahara, serving as Captain on the Boeing 727, 737, 757, and 767.Tilak Ramaprakash is employed by Boeing as a Flight Simulator Instructor for B-777s at the manufacturer’s Training and Flight Services Center in Seattle. The facility has capacity for 10 full-flight simulators and features fixed-base simulators, flight training devices, modern computer-equipped classrooms, and computer-based training (CBT) areas.After spending 13 years on the B-727 as a Mechanic, Flight Engineer, First Officer, and Captain, Tilak Ramaprakash received initial type ratings on the Boeing 757 and 767 at the Pan Am International Flight Academy in Miami, followed by type ratings on the Boeing 737 and 777 from Alteon’s training facilities in Atlanta and Miami. Later, in addition to joining Boeing Flight Training and Services (formerly Alteon Training) as a Simulator Instructor, Tilak Ramaprakash flew the 777 for Saudi Oger, a corporate operator of the aircraft, on a short-term contract, as well as with Air India for a longer term.

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