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tiko Zhorzholiani

tiko Zhorzholiani


Work experience

Work experience








Sep 2014 - Jul 2015
Business  Academic Centre (BAC)

 Financial Accounting – Reporting.


Sep 2001 - Jul 2007
Akaki  Tsereteli  State University  

Faculty  of  Law and Social  Sciences _-     Journalist




Training Course

2015 - 2016
JumpStart  Georgia( JumpStart.ge)
  • News on visual storytelling in the South Caucasus;
  • Design data for effective communication;
  • Mixed media story telling;
  • Illustrations of the data in Visualization;

Training Course

2015 - 2015
 National  Democratic  Institute (NDI)
  •  Legislative processes in local government;  The nature and types of communication; Communication value;
  •  Budget cycle, Budget oversight and Citizen participation in the budget process;
  •   Public speaking techniques and press release writing; T0T_ Training of Trainers;

"New Media Training”  

2014 - 2014
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)

  • News cycle of old and new media, content management;
  • Civic journalism, "Beat Reporter", "people from the street";
  • Social media ,News cycle of old and new media, content management
  • New media structure, promotion, crisis management idea, how to find and filter information on social networks and the
  • Internet;
  • Multimedia production create and google Services;  Online installation programs.


2012 - 2013
Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD)

Five  months of training, education for democracy - the program consists of 4 modules covering essential knowledge for effective civic participation and the principles of democracy activists and political leaders aimed at establishing , strengthening demand for democracy in society.

Young Political Leaders School (YPLS)

2013 - 2013
Georgian  Institute of politics (GIP)
  • Active Citizenship and Leadership Skills; Political parties and Social Media's Role;
  • Project Management and Fundraising;  Women's political participation and leadership;
  • Access to Public Information and Lobbying for a modern democracy;
  • Media Education, Political Communication and Campaign .

Democracy Summer Camp (Anaklia)

2013 - 2013
Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) 

"Imagine Georgia in 2025” Democracy School activity. The country’s long-term development prospective and future vision. Summer camp activities involved Georgia contextualization of the world context, its current situation  and future possibilities realistically see it.

Young Political Leaders School (YPLS) (Anaklia) “YPLS_Alumni Event“

2013 - 2013
Georgian  Institute of politics (GIP)

A six-week workshop alumni meeting. The aim was to raise the political process information and Public Participation  skills Knowledge. Participants were able to establish their own projects and to provide small grants competition.

Media Management course”

2011 - 2012
International Academy for Education and Development
  • Public Relations Management Key Concepts; PR- strategic plan and realization;
  • PR-'s "working tools";  PR- tasks; Media relations; Communication;
  • Research and research methods;  Branding;