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Work experience

May 2008Aug 2008

Voluntary Veterinary Assistant

Bluepearl Veterinary Partners of Michigan

Worked mainly in clinics and hospitals, helping technicians treat the injuries and illnesses of animals. Main job is to ensure a comfortable, safe and sanitary environment. Daily tasks include feeding animals, cleaning kennels and monitoring lab animals' general well-being. Duties of the career can be physically and emotionally demanding, especially if there's an emergency, or a patient (animal) has to be put to sleep, supporting veterinarians in providing comfort to pet owners may be one of the most important aspects of the job.


Aug 2013May 2017

Current Student

Grand Rapids High School

Current high school student. Working to achieve high school diploma. Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology with coursework in zoology and wildlife biology. After high school goals consist of: continuing on to college to attain a master's degree in zoology. 


Statistical Analysis

Understanding what works, what might work, why it might work, and under what circumstances the best to my abilities.

Visual Thinking

Able to represent the brand visually as best as I can.

Pattern Recognition

Ability to analyze data and complexity of social media material. Able to identify patterns and capitalize upon them.


Able to listen the mainly actively and aggressively.