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Seasoned research tech with over 7 years of rodent and non-human primate behavioral testing experience from some of California's leading neuroscience laboratories.


Work experience

Aug 2007Jun 2009

Laboratory Assistant III

UC Irvine - Department of Neurobiology & Behavior

Research laboratory of Dr. John Marshall

  • Drug Addiction and Learning and Memory Research: Investigated the long-term effects of psychostimulant drugs on the brain and behavior, specifically neurobehavioral consequences of methamphetamine addiction; NIH/NIDA-funded research was aimed at developing a reliable behavioral test to assess deficits and improvements in animal models of methamphetamine-induced cognitive impairments.
  • Designed and executed experimental protocols of attentional set-shift tasks, reversal-learning tasks, and object recognition tasks to test rats pre-treated with various neurotoxic binge-dose and escalating sensitizing-dose regimens of methamphetamine and other amphetamine derivatives
  • Performed data and statistical analyses for quarterly reports to NIDA, assisted with transcardial perfusions and brain-harvesting, cryosectioned brains for immunohistochemistry; was also trained to test cocaine-induced conditioned place preference in rats
Oct 2005Jul 2007

Research Technologist I

The J. David Gladstone Institutes - Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease

GIND Neurobehavioral Assessment Core

  • Rodent Neurobehavioral Assessment: Characterized mouse models of neurodegenerative diseases and evaluated the behavioral effects of potential therapeutic interventions for Gladstone scientists and UCSF collaborators
  • Testing paradigms included: basic neurological screening, rotarod, startle threshold, open field, elevated plus maze, novel object recognition, Morris water maze, passive avoidance
  • Responsibilities included experiment planning and design, highly-productive and high-quality behavioral testing, data analysis and interpretation, presentation of results to Core clients, developing new testing procedures and strategies, maintaining Core facilities
Mar 2005Jun 2005

Research Technician (temp)

Stanford University School of Medicine - Department of Neurobiology

Research laboratory of Dr. William Newsome

  • Visual Perception Research: Investigated the neural processes that mediate visual perception and visually based decision-making, and the influence of reward history on decision-making
  • Assisted with development and implementation of behavioral management program for laboratory non-human primates; focused on environmental enrichment, socialization, and positive reinforcement training
  • Additional routine tech duties included daily rounds, feeding and watering animals, assisting researchers with animal care and training, cleaning enrichment and research equipment, monitoring animal health and weights, maintaining detailed activity logs and medical records, assisting with veterinary procedures and surgeries, keeping inventory and ordering supplies
Aug 2004Feb 2005

Laboratory Assistant III

UCSF - Department of Neurological Surgery

Research laboratory of Dr. Robert Turner

  • Movement Disorders Research: Investigated multi-electrode neurophysiology in behaving subjects to study the neural control of movement and stimulation therapies for movement disorders
  • Using the MPTP non-human primate model for Parkinson's disease, tested effects of extradural stimulation of motor cortex; monitored and evaluated changes in subject's general activity level during trials as well as performance with motor tasks
  • Analyzed data and prepared summaries with graphs and tables for reports; assisted with minor surgeries, vet care, behavioral training, electrophysiological recording, record keeping, health monitoring, and office work

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