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Tiffani O'Dell

Eager to Work for You!

Work experience

Apr 2012Aug 2013


Motor City Fireworks
No. D-10
Horizon Outlet Center, 14500 Laplaisance Rd, Monroe, MI
(734) 240-5500

I handled the register, counted my drawer, kept the store and my register area neat and clean, cleaned the store, stocked the shelves, made sure the shelves looked nice and the products were moved forward so customers can easily see the products, answered the telephone and took messages, assisted customers, handed out popcorn and slushies.
Also, this was a seasonal job. I was let go in 2012 in November, and let go in 2013 in August.




Jefferson Alternative High School

I graduated late (Class of '09, graduated '11). For me, high school was somewhat of a challenge. I wasn't learning anything the way the normal section of the school was teaching, so I switched to Alternative and worked hard until I got my diploma.



I am very dependable. If someone needs my help and I am not busy, I will try and help them with the best of my ability. I am always on time, and if a problem occurs I make sure to contact who I need to to inform them of my situation. I'm someone who will always be there if someone needs a hand.


I'm a very good listener. I'm excellent at speaking and listening to my peers, verbally and written. I try my best to understand people and take in the knowledge I am learning, and also helping others in understanding things they may have trouble with.

Technologically Savvy

I'm extremely well at learning new technology. People come to me to help them with their computer and phone issues, and I mostly always fix the problem. I love learning about technology and new ways to use it.


I try my best to work with what is given to me. I can learn how to use things, and also find new ways to use what I'm given.

Text section

I do not have much job experience as of now, but I am willing to go the distance and try my hardest to make this resume longer. I am extremely eager to work and be able to meet and assist people and to show my worth when it comes to employment. I am a very hard worker, a great listener, very eager to learn new things and to work with others who are doing the same. Thank you for taking the time to read my resume and I hope to hear from you soon.