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Personal Statement

I am a highly motivated and hard working individual, with a genuine passion for service and aid. I am seeking a position in which I may utilze my training and skills, while continuing to learn and advance.  

Work experience

Event/Set Medic

Amphibious Medics
Jan 2013Present
  • Responde quickly to dispatched medical calls within specified event vicinity. 
  • Provide safe transport to designated primary medical location (using ATV or similar vehicle ) and assist in the transfer to ALS unit for additional treatment / transport, as needed. 
  • Assist in treatment and stabilization of hypo/hyperthermic patient.
  • Provide BLS and first-aid medical care to sick or injured event participants.
  • Bandaging wounds and controlling bleeding for injuries such as, lacerations, abrasions, and burns.
  • Splinting and stabilizing various injuries such as, sprains, dislocations, fractures, and head / neck / spinal trauma.
  • Accurate patient documentation including : name, date, specific location of injury/contact, treatment provided, and transport decision.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

United Medical Response
Oct 2014Present
  • Provide non-emergency medical transport to scheduled  dialysis treatments and doctors appointments. 
  • Lifting and moving patients using various techniques and equipment 
  • Use of manual and powered stretcher, stairchair, and backboards to safely lift and move patients
  • Attain and monitor vital signs. 
  • Thoroughly document all patient care and transport details for records and Medicare billing. 
  • Daily inspection, inventory, and restocking of ambulance, equipment, and supplies. 

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Rural Metro Ambulance
May 2013Mar 2014
  • Responded expeditiously and safely to scenes of accident and/or illness, with diligent understanding of mandated laws and regulations regarding EVO.
  • Responded  to dispatched 911 calls , while collaborating with Fire and Law Enforcement personnel, to coordinate the most appropriate stabilization/care/transport.
  • Communicate with dispatchers  to provide information about situation, to arrange reception of victims, and to report transport details.
  • Performed thorough patient assessment and provided appropriate care as outlined by protocols and medical direction.
  • Administered drugs, orally or by injection, and perform intravenous procedures within standing orders and scope of practice.
  • Performed emergency diagnostic and treatment procedures, such as  airway management with bag-valve mask resuscitators , cardio pulmonary resuscitation , and  administration of IV glucose in diabetic emergencies.
  • Assisted in immobilization of patients for placement on stretcher and ambulance transport, using backboard or other spinal immobilization device.
  • Monitored, recorded, and reported to appropriate emergency department personnel the patient's condition or injury,  the treatment provided, sequential vital signs and reactions to drugs and treatment.
  • Maintained vehicles, as well as medical and communication equipment, and replenish first-aid equipment and supplies.
  • Decontaminated ambulance interior as well as any used equipment, also ensuring that stretcher is disinfected with new linens are in place, in preperation for next call. 


Advanced EMT

West Georgia Technical College
Jan 2010Jan 2011

Trained and certified in all NREMT- Basic and Advanced level- skill sets and curriculum. 


CEVO 3 - Ambulance

National Safety Council
Sep 2013Present
Tested and certified in the safety and emergency operation of an ambulance.

CPR/AED for Healthcare Provider

American Heart Association
Oct 2014Oct 2016

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Georgia Department of Public Health
Jun 2016
License #308

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Nation Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
Aug 2012Mar 2015
Registry # A2000840

Skills and Abilities

Proficient in use of manual and powered stretchers, as well as stairchair device.
Time management
Great ability to execute given tasks with precision and diligence, in a timely manner.
Able to effectively lift, carry, or balance up to 150 lbs
*300 lbs with assistance
Critical Thinking
Able to apply reasoning, logic, and observation while analyzing all available informational components, in order to draw a practical interpretation, and devise the proper course of action.
Problem Solving
Able to utilize the tools, resources, and information at hand, to most effectively achieve the desired result.
Extraordinary ability to develop personal rapport with patients and family members, to provide comfort and trust during emergency situations. Also having excellent interview skills, for gaining pertinent medical information and SAMPLE history.
Patient Assessment
Skilled in expedient and thorough assessment of the nature and extent of illness or injury, in order to prioritize treatment and transport accordingly.
Strong ability to remain calm and focused during high stress and acute emergency situations.


David Gonzalez _ Field Supervisor @ Amphibious Medics

(210) 846-1472

Steve Duncan _ Educator/Athletic Coach @ Alexander High School

(404) 723-1212