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Work experience

Summer School Teacher/head Teacher

Surrey School District
Kindergarten-Grade 12 ELL Summer School Teacher/Head Teacher Cougar Canyon Elementary


Surrey School District
Don Christian Elementary Grade 2/3/Learning Support Team(LST) Teacher/Intermediate Prep. in addition to VP assignment


Surrey School District
Bonaccord Elementary Learning Support Team(LST) Teacher/Integration Support Teacher in addition to VP assignment

Vice Principal

Surrey School District
Vice Principal 2½ years Bonaccord Elementary

RSCON3-Reform Symposium Conference

RSCON3-Reform Symposium Conference
and click here)


Bear Creek Elementary
Surrey School District Learning Support Team(LST) Teacher/Early Literacy Teacher

Vice Principal

Bear Creek Elementary
Vice Principal 3 years Surrey School District


Jordan Tinney RSCON3-Reform Symposium Conference
Facilitator at the Wordpress Blogging Workshops presented by A sample of activities I have participated in and attended: Engaging the Digital Learner Dinner Series Going Deeper-Ongoing through school year: Dean Shareski-The Story of Pixels: Broadening the Notion of Literacy Shelley Wright-The Engaged Classroom: Student-Centred Learning Bill Ferriter-Teaching the iGeneration


Simon Fraser University
On-Line Book Club(on Twitter)-Ongoing(Various books)- An Evening of Discovery, Discovery Education-Dean Shareski, November 29, 2012 Connecting Leaders Conference-BCPVPA-October, 2012 21st Century Learning and Teaching, George Couros, August 31, 2012 Summer Institute Series, July, 2012

Den Ambassador Program-Leader

EdCamp35(Langley) RSCON3-Reform Symposium Conference
Marc Landry, Brain-Based Learning Theories, DEN Ambassador Program-Leader-(Presenter/Facilitator)

International Society for Technology in Education

International Society for Technology in Education
ISTE 2014- ISTE 2014 Ignite Sessions Keynote Speakers: Ashley Judd, Kevin Carroll & Jeff Charbonneau Special Education Resources: Technology tools for exceptional learners An Eye on Visual Storytelling and visual literacy Students as mobile news reporters using Videolicious iOS app Top 10 classroom tools of the maker movement-Sylvia Martinez
Jan 2015Present


Langley School District (District #35)

Currently, I am the principal of Fort Langley Elementary.

Jul 2005Dec 2015

Elementary School Vice Principal

Surrey School District

Surrey School District (District #36)

Bear Creek Elementary (3 1/2 years)

  • Vice Principal and Teacher at Inner-City, Bear Creek Elementary with a school population of approximately 475 students (17% Aboriginal Students). Teaching assignment included Intermediate Prep., Learning Support Teacher (LST), and Early Literacy Teacher (K-1).
  • Worked in collaboration with our school principal, Carrie Burton (now retired), on the complex school environment including the District Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, District Fast ForWord Program, Attendance Matters Program, PAWS (Playing and Working After School) Community School Program funded by RBC, Breakfast and Lunch Program, Strong Start, PALS, and Ready Set Learn. We worked with other community agencies in an effort to provide further opportunities for our students. 
  • Worked with Dreams Take Flight to enable 5 of our most at-risk students could go to Disneyland for the day for 2012/2013, 2013/2014, and 2014/2015 school years).
  • Worked with many Special Needs students, their parents and guardians, and staff members. Bear Creek had a very high number of Special Needs students ranging from students with Autism, Blind student, Deaf and Hearing Impaired students, and students with FAS and FASD. The needs at Bear Creek are very complex. I worked with 18 Education Assistants to help support our many Special Needs students.
  • Collaborated regularly (for 1 1/2 hours each week) with the School-Based Team (Learning Support Teachers, Child Care Worker, Aboriginal Education Assistant, Counsellor, Administration, School Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologist, and classroom teachers) to help ensure the needs of the students were met to the best of our ability.
  • Managed our Learning Resource budget and assisted the Principal in the allocation of the School Supply Budget.
  • Participated in planning, organizing, and running of monthly staff meetings.
  • Worked to develop common language in Reading Assessment and helped to implement a common Reading assessment tool to be used for our at-risk learners (Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment). We are slowly implementing the use of this reading assessment with all students who are not yet meeting grade level expectations in Reading. This shift has really help us better understand the needs of our struggling learners.
  • Worked with the LST Team to implement a Reading Intervention Program for our most at-risk Grade 2 students using the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Intervention Program.
  • Helped to bring George Couros to our school to work with the staff for an entire day to help shift some traditional teaching pedagogy.
  • Started our Bear Creek Success Blog as a way to acknowledge, celebrate and share all the wonderful things that were happening within our school community.
  • In addition, I also began to use social media as a way to help create a positive culture around learning, and as a way to positively communicate with our parents and community. As a result, I created our School Twitter account and YouTube channel to share our learning and growth.
  • Our Bear Creek Staff blog was also added when I started at Bear Creek as a means of communicating weekly with the staff. We would include celebrations, acknowledgements, current events, upcoming events, as well as various professional development opportunities for staff to explore.
  • Became a strong advocate for our Aboriginal Learners and worked with the district with the Aboriginal Laptop Project (then known as TELAL - Technology Enhanced Learning for Aboriginal Learners) to find ways to better meet the diverse needs of our Aboriginal Learners (2011-2014).
  • Completed an application for a District Innovative Learning Design grant and was awarded $25,000.00 for digital devices (2012/2013).
  • Worked to help teachers become comfortable with taking risks in their practise and try new things. This resulted in many teachers changing their pedagogy around learning and teaching.
  • Began modelling Genius Hour at our school when I taught Intermediate Prep. Other teachers soon followed with their own classes.
  • Created an environment where collaboration was encouraged and I would cover classes to help teachers visit other classes to observe teachers teaching and to get ideas for their own classrooms.
  • Helped teachers develop an understanding of technology and 21st century learning. I organized Digital Playground Sessions twice  each week where teachers could be introduced to different tools: i.e. Twitter, blogging, Google Drive, various apps, like Explain Everything, Dropbox, Diigo and other tools. Other teachers were also encouraged to share their own learning during these sessions as well (2011/2012).
  • Demonstrated the importance of blogging and use of class websites with teachers.  I demonstrated their use and showed teachers how to set them up and how to update them regularly. As a result, almost half of our teachers now have and use their own class website / blogs with their students and their families.
  • Always tried to keep the focus on the learning and not on the technology.
  • Encouraged everyone (including our principal) to make their learning visible for all to see and for all to encourage.
  • Worked collaboratively with another school to bring our staffs to Apple Canada one evening for 4 hours for an iPad Bootcamp (March, 2011).
  • Worked with two high school students on a BeaYOUtiful Project that they designed to help reach our most at-risk intermediate girls and demonstrate to them their gifts and truly how special they are. Our school was the first school that these high schools students worked with and now they are a registered non-profit group (2012/2013)
  • I helped to bring Identity Day to Bear Creek as a way to honour each individual (students and staff). This was a great way to help every get to know each other on a different level, a deeper level (2012/2013).
  • In addition, this past year (2013/2014), we implemented Innovation Days - one day for Primary students and a day for Intermediate students to demonstrate an innovation of their own. The staff also participated in these days. This was a great deal of fun!
  • Worked collaboratively with staff to bring a focus on inquiry through our Innovative Learning Design Project (2012-2014).
  • Worked with teachers as they explored how to use technology to enhance communication with parents through FreshGrade. Some of our intermediate teachers were involved with the Communicating Student Learning Pilot where they decided to stop giving letter grades as a means of communicating learning. In turn, they used Freshgrade to provide ongoing feedback to students and information to parents.
  • Collaboratively completed a Spirals of Inquiry Project through the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network to help improve attendance amongst our most at-risk Aboriginal students. The focus of the project was on ways to start the day in a more positive, open-ended manner so students wanted to come to school regularly and without being late (2013/2014).
  • Collaboratively completed a District Learning Commons Grant to transform our Library into more of a collaborative learning environment. We were successful in the grant late in the 2013/2014 school year and we are not beginning the transformation process.
  • Worked to collaboratively complete and submit a Maker Spaces Grant with 4 other interested teachers. We were successful in the grant, but due to job action, we were unable to start the project yet (this will start in September, 2014).
  • Worked with staff to develop a deeper understanding of Assessment For Learning. We developed a book club focusing on the book, Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam. The ongoing discussions focused on Formative Assessment truly had a positive impact on student learning and how students were being taught and assessed.
  • Managed and maintained all digital devices throughout the school. We increased the digital devices substantially since my coming to Bear Creek.
  • Worked with the Literacy Committee to plan school-wide events like the Community Reads event.
  • Always kept the focus on the relationships in and outside the building.
  • Ensured that decisions were student-focused, even if that wasn't the most popular decision.
  • Continued to develop a Culture of Learning in which I am a big part of leading that learning with my own learning.

District Contributions

  • I worked collaboratively with the district as a Digital Coach for administrators from 2011-Present.
  • In addition, I co-planned and co-presented Digital Sandbox sessions for administrators with Antonio Vendramin as a way for them to be introduced to different tools and allow for a "playtime" for them to explore and get assistance along the way. You can see an overview of the sessions here.
  • During the 2012/2013 school year, I was involved in the Surrey Schools Exemplar Project to help promote and learn how to use Sharepoint within our district. During this time, I used my release time to release teachers and demonstrate how to use Sharepoint to create class websites.

Bonaccord Elementary (2 1/2 years)

  • Vice Principal and Teacher at Bonaccord Elementary with a school population of approximately 530 students. Teaching assignment included Learning Support Teacher (LST) and Integration Support Teacher (for our Special Needs students).
  • School had District-Based Social Development for students with extreme behavioural difficulties. I worked with the staff and students in this program consistently and developed good relationships with these students.
  • Implemented Welcome to Kindergarten with the Kindergarten teachers (in addition to Ready Set Learn).
  • Assisted the Kindergarten teachers in the planning and implementation of PALS (Parents as Literacy Supporters).
  • Worked extensively with the School-Based team to help ensure the needs of all students were being understood and met.
  • Assisted in planning, organizing, and running of the monthly the staff meetings.
  • Managed the Learning Resources Budget and assisted with the school Supply Budget.
  • Helped to transform the Learning Support Team into a more collaborative team who worked together to meet the needs of all students. The students in the school became "our" students, rather than "my" students.
  • Worked with the LST Team to help create blocks of support time for each grade group so more students could be serviced by the entire team.
  • Assisted in the implementation of a school-wide reading assessment tool which would assist teachers in understanding what their students reading abilities are and where they needed to improve. We were just implementing using the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment school-wide when I left the school.
  • Worked with staff to develop a deeper understanding of Balanced Literacy and helped some teachers implement Guided reading.
  • Collaborated with staff on the Literacy Committee and planned many great events like the Community Reads event.
  • Implemented the morning Coffee Chat where interested staff would come together to discuss various education articles or research documents. We also read a non-education fictional book together.The book study provided interesting information of each staff member.

Don Christian Elementary (2 1/2 years)

  • Vice Principal and Teacher at Don Christian Elementary with a school population of 460 students. Teaching assignment included Grade 2/3, Intermediate Prep., and Learning Support Teacher (LST).
  • Helped to develop a more positive culture. 
  • Implemented Family Literacy at the Grade 1 level with classroom teachers.
  • Presented workshops for staff about Balanced Literacy, Guided Reading, and Literacy Centres. I worked with many teachers to assist them in developing a guided reading program within their classroom.
  • Managed the Learning Resources Budget and assisted with the school Supply Budget.
  • Worked with staff on the Numeracy, Social Responsibility, and Literacy Committees.
  • Developed a morning Coffee Chat Club where I would provide treats and coffee and we would discuss various education articles.


Sep 2000Dec 2002

Master's Degree (Instruction)

University of Victoria

This degree was entitled : Diagnostic Instruction and Remediation for the Classroom Teacher.

For my project, I developed a parent tutoring program for at-risk Grade 1 students. 

Sep 1993Apr 1996


Simon Fraser University
Sep 1994Aug 1995

Teaching Certification

Simon Fraser University
Jan 1990May 1993

Diploma of Liberal Arts

Kwantlen College

University Transfer Program


Early intervention