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Endereço: Rua Coronel João Carneiro. N: 133. Apt:201

Telefone: (85) 98968-3187

Email: [email protected]



Work experience


Software Engineer

Universite Federal of Ceará

Software Development Organization.
Software Quality in Construction.
Agile Methodologies - Scrum and XP and Continuous Integration.
Design Patterns.


Senior IOS and Software Developer

University Federal of Ceará

Developer for Mobile for the iOS platform (iPhone & iPad).
Objective-C and Swift languages.

Game Developer using SpriteKit Framework.


Systems Analyst / Developer

University Federal of Ceará

Developer Mobile Applications using iOS or Android.
Developer Mobile Applications using React Native.
Developer Web Applications using Ruby on Rails.
Developer Web Applications using Angular JS.
Developer Applications using Artificial Intelligence.
Developer Applications using Augmented Reality.
Developer Applications using Digital Image Processing.
Game Developer using SpriteKit Framework.
Works with Git.
Works with Firebase.
Works with REST API.

User Experience - UX.
Interaction Design - IXD.
Human Computer Interaction - HCI.
Basic Principles of Graphic Design.


* Knowledge in Objective-C and Swift.

* Knowledge in Java with Android.
* Knowledge in Ruby on Rails.
* Knowledge in Digital Image Processing with OpenCV.
* Knowledge in Augmented Reality.
* Knowledge in Computer Vision
* Knowledge in Design Patterns.
* Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
* Knowledge in React Native.
* Knowledge in Project Management with Scrum.
* Knowledge in Graphic Design Applications and Games.
* Knowledge in GIT.
* Knowledge in Firebase.

* Knowledge in Web Service RESTful.

* Knowledge in AngularJS.

* Knowledge in ReactJS.

* Knowledge in VueJS.

* Knowledge in Meteor.

Additional Information

Developing Mobile Applications using iOS or Android.

Developing Mobile Applications using React Native.

Developing Web Applications using Ruby on Rails.

Developing Web Applications using AngularJS.

Developing Applications using Artificial Intelligence.

Developing Applications using Augmented Reality.

Developing Applications using Digital Image Processing.

Developing Applications using GIT.

Developing Applications using Web Service RESTful.

Developing Applications using Firebase.

Game Developer using SpriteKit Framework.

Game Designer.

Developing Games.