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International Olympiad in Informatics

International Olympiad in Informatics
groceries shopping list. I worked for fun on a 3D modeling and animation cartoon company for half a year in. Competitions: 2000 Beijing, China 1999 ranked 4th nation wide and got selected to represent Portugal in the next I. O.I. Conferences Attended


Mathmatics Tutoring for high school students. projects: I love coding and developing new ideas and I've worked on a few projects as a hobby: A project made with grails(groovy on rails) that allows freelancers to find work, and companies to get a high range of work done by freelancers. I also do the development, design, advertising, marketing and leads management for my wife's local small business(health and beauty related)-use drupal wich impliesphp, mysql, css for the development part. A project made with ruby on rails framework to allow people to search for the best prices on a

Software Developer

Altitude Software
Software Developer Altitude Software is a software company that develops a software suite for contact centers. We provide an end-to-end solution for contact centers and integrate with a high range of third party cti hardware, crm's, etc besides providing our own. I joined the company in August 2006 for the development of the latest version of Altitude uCI(v8) and worked on the uSupervisor Web component of the suite. Developed on pages and controls using and customizing infragistics netAdvantage. Customizing and adding functionality on the client side with javascript/jquery, html and css. Silverlight 3 was used on some new features. Used C#over VS2008 for the Interface generating logic. We use our own xml format for describing the various UI layouts panels, and generate the interface from that. The object model is also developed with C#and connects to a Server component developed with c ++ that can be used with any database engine, including sql server and oracle. Produce user documentation for owned features. Tutoring many colleagues in usability matters, javascript and css best-practices. I am the main go-to person when someone needs help on web related development





Instituto Superior Técnico UTL


3D Modeling