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General Information


3 years working experience

DoB 13rd, January, 1990

No 15th, 21st Street, Ward 4, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Mobile Phone: 0907014213


In search of challenging missions with large-scale Information Technology Systems.



Bachelor of IT Engineering

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education

Majority in Computer Networking and Telecommunication


Master of IT Engineering

RMIT University

Majority in Cloud Computing


LPI 1-2 Course Completion

Cisnet International Network Techonology Training Center

MCSA Certification

Nhat Nghe IT Master Center

VCP Certification

Nhat Nghe IT Master Center

CCNA Course Completion

VnPro Internation Network Administrator Training Center

Computer Hardware Installation

Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City University of Science

Work experience

PHP Developer


System Engineer

VNG Corp

IT Supervisor

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp

Career Highlights

PXE One (VNG Corp)

This is a fully automated OS (Linux based and Windows) provsision system over NIC card's PXE feature, including a web-based GUI to manage installation template. PXE One allow user to quickly deploy OS without violating strict SLAs when dealing with a large number of servers.

Server Hardware Inspector (VNG Corp)

Server Hardware Inspector responsible for monitoring the status of server's hardware (e.g: CPU, RAM, HDD, RAID/NIC drivers, firmwares... ) and alerting if there are problems or malfunction. Its core is a combination of crontab scripts to collect SNMP data from servers, noSQL database MongoDB for storing data and finally, a PHP website GUI to do administrative tasks.

HDvl (RISE Co)

HDvl is an idea to help student can easily find their favorite tutors and vice versa. The website was built with Codeigniter framework and got sponsored by some RMIT University teachers.

Cloud Home (RISE Co)

The demand in buying, renting estate in Ho Chi Minh is increasing. As a result, Cloud Home, powered by famous Wordpress CMS, comes into play as a web portal where people can touch their dream homes.


Server Troubleshooting
Website back-end Developing
English Speaking Ability
Problem Solving


IT Books reading

Cutting-edge techonology in IT field

Modern Piano playing