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I always put inside my heart the meaningful sentence “ No one invests you but you” ( in a TED.COM talk I watched long time ago). It lighted a fire in my determination. Therefore, I’m willing to cope with challenges in any working environments to improve and develop myself. All things I do for my experience are valuable for me in order to reach my dream to acquire an alive life helping communities and myself in the future.



Bachelor's Degree

The University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • International Relations Faculty - English as a main language for my academic research.
  • GPA of my nearest semester: 7.94/10.

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Content Assistant

Scholarship Planet Website – Come in, Share and Apply Scholarships
  • Provide community with the valuable scholarship information and the experience of scholarship achievers.
  • Create a practical overview of studying abroad for community through organizing and designing different useful parts and contents of my website.
  • Reading and approaching partly the education from around the world.
Sep 2014Present

PR Member

Young Human Resource Club – The University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Participating in event organization about soft skills for the young people.
  • Working in active groups to find out PR/ Marketing strategies for those events.
Jan 2014Present

Tutor and Child Care Person

When I am at home
  • Teaching my nieces and nephews at the age of 8 and 10 aged at primary schools.
  • Loving, playing and getting well on with kids at my home in my whole spare time.
  • Enjoying my life comfortably with taking care of kids.

Extra- curricular Activities

In summer 2014: An enthusiastic volunteer for Tiep suc mua thi Program

  • Supporting candidates taking part in entrance exam about both spirits and physical conditions.
  • Working in a very big group and strict obeying obligations as well as rules of my group.

In summer 2015: A excellent volunteer for Green Summer Campaign

  • Free supporting foreign tourists in Vietnam history museum - on Nguyen Binh Khiem street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city
  • Enjoying my happy meaningful holiday in an excellent team.
  • Introducing Vietnam history to international friends.
  • Developing awareness of the diversity and usage of English from different countries in the world.


  • Quick adopting with the changes of studying and working environments.
  • Working with particular plans and careful details.
  • Being active, confident and creative to discuss topics of my teams/ groups.


  • Using Word and Excel well for completing my assignments or managing my groups.
  • Using social network efficiently such as facebook, gmail or google for my studying and working.
  • Good competences for communication and reading academic documents.
  • GPA of English Subject of the nearest semester: Reading 7.0/10; Speaking 9.0/10; Writing 8.0/10.