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Languages: Perl, C, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Visual Basic and SQL

Operating Systems: Sun and HP UNIX OS, Windows, Mac OS X and Red Hat Linux

Applications: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer (MS Development tools); Mozilla Firefox (FireBug, iMacros), Adobe Photoshop; Proprietary in-house model extraction systemDatabase Systems: MySQL


  • Drove software development as a priority resulting in increased lab productivity and responsiveness with industry-first and -best QA and documentation methods. Lab became industry leader eliminating SPICE models as #1 concern among circuit designers. Software tools integral to lab becoming industry leader.
  • Created C tools to test MOSFET model statement for erratic behavior using simulated data and first- and second derivatives, an industry first and competitive advantage. Tool became critical in productizing industry-standard BSIM3 MOSFET model from UC Berkeley. Supported HSPICE, SABER and Spectre commercial simulators.
  • Wrote tools documenting SPICE model overlay charts in booklets educating customers on how models simulated measured data, an industry first. Reverse-engineered how commercial plotting software stored data developing code to create tool acceptable tables.
  • Wrote C and Perl tools documenting SPICE model overlay plots on the web, an industry first. Reduced documentation time from 1 week (booklets) to 45 minutes.
  • Developed Excel-based applications for flicker noise and DC data that saved customers 'a week of work' and 'almost immeasurable' (>80%) time doing analysis/QA/documentation. The 1/f tool empowered the color-blind customer to remove buried outlier data based on innovative r2-based scores and tweak parameter fits with sliders on large datasets.


SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT/ENGINEERINGCustomer-focused, test-driven, articulate and analytical Software Engineer with a passion for positive user experiences and contributing to team success.  Expert in Perl, C and JavaScript.  Skilled in SQL with database analysis and design, Visual Basic, requirements specifications and user documentation.  Strong written and verbal communications.  Interested in a challenging technical track career.  Elected Member Group Technical Staff (top ~14%) for three industry firsts in QA and documentation software.


Rob Virkus

“Bruce is good with code and was always writing tools to make our work more efficient and easier as well as doing his own work.” February 16, 2009

Hsien-Chang Wu

“Bruce is a very talented software developer. He moved and expanded a complex Perl and JavaScript web form with over 10 sessions and 100+ input variables from basic prototype to sophisticated production version, combining five proposed tools into one. Added parameter verification; hooks to tracking tool database; document upload; dynamically configured equations to calculate device dimensions; support for MOSFETs, JFETs, diodes, resistors and capacitors; immediate email notification if user encountered error; extensive debug code. Developed new sessions for Si-based models. Added submission logging and comparison. Capability to paste parameters from a spreadsheet. Improved wafer maps. Fixed pulldown menus for all platforms and browsers. Easier, less confusing navigation. Floating help windows cleaned up most pages. Extrapolated table compares physical and translated BJT dimensions. I would say that he took over a much-needed project and greatly expanded it, giving his customers not only a 'port' to the modeling lab but a head start for the modeling engineers.” February 18, 2009

Carl Scharr

“Bruce has a broad knowlege of device modeling and uses his software skills to build measurement automation and analysis utilities specific to high performance analog and power devices. These utilities are essential to accurately modeling products for the automotive, audio, instrumentation and power management product sectors.” February 15, 2009

Yong Liu

"Bruce is a very experienced spice modeling engineer. He pioneered in model generation automation and model QA automation. His model QA tool was adopted in BSIM development and contributes to the great success of the model. He also created a model generation tool(robot) which has the potential to significantly reduce the engineer time by letting the robot find the optimal algorithm to extract the model.” February 16, 2009

Tom Vrotsos

"Bruce worked in my group at TI from roughly 1986 to 2006. Bruce led many highly innovative software projects and web development projects during that time. Bruce is meticulous in spec'ing out his projects ... and he has always been on the cutting edge of new web technologies ... Bruce is a top notch team player and would make a fine addition to any organization. In short ... Bruce gets the job done.” February 15, 2009

Jim Combiths

“Bruce was responsible for keeping our web pages going. We relied on him to make work requests and data viewing possible. He did this for numerous services our group provides. Bruce is very enjoyable to work with.” February 17, 2009

Don Ladwig

"Bruce is an excellent mentor to me. I learned many things from him regarding our modeling tools and best practices of our methodologies. If there was an easier way to complete a task, he would write a script so we could all benefit from it. Bruce is definitely a valuable asset to any organization he is a part of."  February 17, 2009

Work experience

Aug 2006Jan 2009

Software Developer

Texas Instruments

Expanded, improved and maintained web/database portal to customers; developed Visual Basic tools for high-speed and intuitive data analysis and QA; created text-report and workflow utilities software development.

  • Moved and expanded complex Perl and JavaScript web form (over 10 sessions and 100+ input variables) from basic prototype to sophisticated production version, combining five proposed tools into one.  Added support for MOSFETs, JFETs, diodes, resistors and capacitors; parameter verification; email support.  Speedup efforts cut reload time 60%.
  • Rewrote/modularized customer web forms and standardized database tables slashing 20 programs to 2 for end-user consistency, support and increased efficiency.
  • Created Perl tool converting Keithley parametric data into CSV format for fast data analysis/QA.
  • Sped release time by >80% and reduced errors by introducing iMacros to automate web software testing. Developed QA strategy with simple, easy to interpret results.
  • Wrote drivers to evaluate Anritsu and Agilent/HP network analyzers in SICL language and National Instruments cards, a first for the department.  Customer very pleased with setup verification and helpful, plain-English error messages.
Aug 1989Aug 2006

SPICE Modeling Specialist

Texas Instruments

Extracted SPICE model statements, developed quality improvement and workflow software tools, and generated web-based documentation; assisted with SPICE model development at TI and UC Berkeley.

  • Extracted thousands of aMOS (non-scalable proprietary model), BSIM3 and BSIM4 MOSFET model statements – a model statement in almost every analog design at the time.
  • Built knowledge base for model extraction, documentation and QA tools as subject matter expert on BSIM3 and aMOS extraction using in-house software.
  • Modified Perl program to manage customer tickets on web for easier customer access and report generation.
  • Wrote C and Perl applications to reformat SPICE model statements for simulators other than TI-SPICE; generated strong, weak and statistical SPICE model statements, and compared and tested parameter values in SPICE model statements in different files, simplifying error-prone and tedious processes.
  • Constructed modularized BSIM4 MOSFET DC extraction flow breaking flow from 3 too-large steps to 11,resulting in easier fitting for complex set of model equations.  Entire flow used comprehensive customization files and one generic optimization script instead of three rigid scripts with minor customization.
  • Developed 85+ Perl and C tools and utilities, each contributing to lab success.