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Technical Proficiencies


  • ARRI ALEXA line (EV, Plus, Studio,  XT & Mini)
  • RED line (Dragon, Epic, Monochrome, Scarlet & RED ONE)
  • CANON Cinema & HDSLR line (C500, C300, C100, 5DMK 2&3, 7D, 60D, T2i)
  • SONY (F55, F5, F3, FS700, EX3, EX1)
  • PANASONIC (HDX900, HVX200, GH2, GH4)
  • BLACK MAGIC (4K, 2.5K, Pocket)
  • 35mm (ARRICAM LT, ARRI 435, 35-3, BL3, BL4, Moviecam Compact MK2, SL MK2)
  • 16mm (ARRI SR3, SR2, AATON XTR, XTR PROD, A-Minima, Bolex)


  • Cooke S4s, 5/is, Panchros, S2s
  • Arri/Zeiss Master Primes, Zeiss Ultra Primes, Super Speeds, Standard Speeds
  • Angenieux Optimo zooms, Cooke zooms, Canon zooms
  • Hawk V-Lite anamorphics, Elite anamorphics
  • Panavision Primos, P Vintage Super Speeds
  • Leica Summilux C, Summilux M
  • Canon CNE series, L-Series
  • Century Swing-Shift / Arri Tilt-Shift
  • Bausch & Lomb Super Baltars


Preston FI+Z, Bartech, ARRI WCU-3 & 4, CVolution, Codex, Gemini, AJA KiPro, Atomos, CamWave, Nebtek, Teradek, Cineped, Weaver-Steadman, Freefly MoVI System

Work experience

Feature Films

1st AC

2nd AC

Film Loader

Short Films

1st AC

  • BREAKING IN   (Black Magic Pocket / DP: Daniel Patterson)
  • CHAPTER 7   (ARRI Alexa / DP: Noah Chamis)
  • PEACOCK KILLER   (ARRI Alexa Plus / DP: Hunter Baker)
  • ATLANTIC AVENUE   (ARRI Alexa / DP: Antoine Wagner)
  • MMPR   (RED Epic / DP: Dominick Sivilli)
  • WHEN YOU'RE READY   (Canon C300 / DP: Matt Mitchell)
  • HOW FAR 1 & 2   (RED Epic / DP: Dominick Sivilli)


Camera Operator

1st AC

2nd AC

  • TruTV PROMO - "IMPRACTICAL JOKERS"   (RED Epic / DP: Derek McKane)


Camera Operator

  • IBM - "Think Friday - Watson"   (RED Scarlet / DP: Vitaly Bokser)

1st AC

2nd AC

Fashion Editorial

1st AC

  • PROJECT RUNWAY - MARY KAY DEMO  (RED Dragon / DP: Sam Wootton)
  • Vs. MAGAZINE - "POSSESSION"   (RED Epic / DP: Jack Shanahan)
  • BOBBI BROWN - EYE SHADOW   (RED Epic / DP: Jack Shanahan)
  • LOFT - "SWEATSHIRT STILL LIFE"   (RED Epic / DP: Jack Shanahan)
  • KOOBA - FALL 2013 + SPRING 2014   (ARRI Alexa Plus / DP: Hunter Baker)

Digital / Web Content

Camera Operator

  • GIRLS (Season 5 Table Reads)
  • WANDERLUST FESTIVAL 2014 Interview Series - "Wanderlust Stories"   (Canon C300 / Dir: Ed Boyce) 
  • SALTED Food Show   (Canon 60D + Panasonic GH2 / Dir: Jeff Appelbaum)

1st AC

  • YOUTUBE MUSIC AWARDS Live Event Promos   (RED Epic / DP: Kevin Hayden)
  • HUNTING SEASON / Web Series (8 Episodes)   (Canon 7D / DP: Austin Schmidt)
  • CYCLE FOR SURVIVAL 2013 Charity Event   (RED Epic / DP: Dominick Sivilli)
  • VERIZON "DREAM DAY - ALEXIS Y FIDO" Short Form Doc   (Canon 5D MK II / DP: Noah Greenberg)
  • COUPONS FOR THE COMMUNITY Charity Promo   (Sony F5 + Canon 5D MK III / DP: Daniel Stenzel)
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Camera Technician

Hand Held Films

•Worked extensively with high-end motion picture cameras, lenses, and support equipment while procuring a practical knowledge of technical filmmaking systems and techniques.

•Assisted film crews and producers with preparation of equipment packages, providing attentive assistance to their needs and offering solutions to technical and rigging quandaries.

•Manager of social media outreach and brand identity, including writing and creating content for the company blog and Facebook pages.