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Work experience

Feb 2003Present


Tenaz, L.L.C.

Client Projects include:

University Hospital ,Cleveland, Ohio2010 -2011

§Served as Senior I.T. Project Manager/Clinical Project Manager, during the construction phase of a standalone Cancer Hospital and Emergency Room at University Hospital in Cleveland Ohio.Technology included Vocera, PACS, SpaceLabs, Hill-Rom, Soarian, Allscripts.

§Managed I.T. project managers, to ensure that all applications were ‘ready’ for deployment when the buildings opened.

§Member of the Executive Transition team consisting of Senior Management and Senior Clinical Team.

§Implemented new testing procedures to improve the quality of the business applications.

§Reported to senior I.T. and Transition team on Project status, risk, and timelines.

§Worked with Ambulatory team on improving business processes to support new hospital.Improvements included patient communication, patient flow, and appointment scheduling.

§Worked with Inpatient team on proving business processes to support new hospital. Improvements included tracking bed census and team communication.

Cleveland Clinic2005 -2008

§Served as a Management consultant, Senior Project Manager, and Business Analyst at the Cleveland Clinic and participated in the development of multiple enterprise level web based applications.

§Responsibilities included information gathering, managing architects, DBA’s, developers, working with the user community, and meeting regularly with senior management to provide status.

§Patient Internet Registration: Provided Web based registration system that allowed the Clinicpatients to register, and confirm address and insurance information real-time.

§Interfaced to EPIC MyChart application to present one sign-on to patients.

§First Clinic application that was interfaced to mainframe database via Web Service to provide patient address and insurance information real-time.

§Worked with User community in defining requirements, look and feel, graphics, etc.

§Worked with IT on numerous security related issues to ensure HIPAA compliance

§Multi-tier application written in ASP.NET/C# with a MS-SQL database.

§Currently 500-600 patients/day are registering via the web

§Tools used: MS-Project, Visio, MS-Word

§Project team consisted of 8-10 people from the user community and 4-5 from IT.

§Project completed in approximately 6 months

§Bed Management – Provided bed availability across regions and individual hospitals.High profile project.

§Merged hospital bed availability information from 3 different applications, and 7 hospital s.

§Informationwas real-time and displayed in an ASP.NET/C# application

§Tools used MS-Project, Viso, MS-WORD

§Project team consisted of Managers from each of the 3 regions, 3-4 people in IT.

§Overcame major user resistance to the application.

§Project completed in approximately 12-15 months


§Financial Clearance – provided the ability to track and audit the status of self-pay patients through the financial aid process.

§Provided a work flow and tracking for indigent patients at the Clinic Main campus.

§Used Agile methodology to provide a new release of the application every 2 weeks (unheard of at the time at the Clinic).

§Rolled out 6 weeks from initial design to 2000 users by using Clinic’s web based training network.

§Tools used MS-Project, MS-WORD

§This project was developed with the intent to market it to other hospitals and was eventually sold by the Clinic to a major software company in Florida.

§Epic Work Q’s – managed the User side of a major project to implement EPIC software functionality.

§Served as the interface between the User community, EPIC resources, and IT.

§Reported to the Senior Director of Patient Access services.

§Rolled out the functionality department by department over a period of 12 months.

§Scheduled resources, training, and roll-out schedule.

§Tools used MS-Project, MS-Excel, MS-Word

Dec 1998Feb 2003

Practice/Program Manager

D.P.A.I., Inc.

§Practice Manager - Applications Development Manager 2000-2003

§Responsibilities included managing the application development team consisting of 30-45 developers, project managers, and solution architects.

§Actively participated with the Business Development team in a Sales Support role.

§Developed the Business Plan for the division including financial and employment goals and reported to the management team as to the effectiveness of my team to meet the goals.

§Responsible for developing and enforcing standards and procedures for designing, developing, and implementing technology solutions. Implemented component based development methodology that significantly reduced application development cost..

§Also served as Project Manager and Solution Architect on high profile web and client server projects.Key clients included CBIZ, Timken, National City Bank, KeyCorp, and Rockwell InternationalProject Team consisted of 10-12 developers and architects. Assisted in the design and managed the development of a RAD developer toolkit that was used to increase the quality and speed of development.

§Tools used VB6, MS-SQL


Business Administration

Kent State University


Looking for a challenging program/project management opportunity that would allow me to leverage my inter-personal skills, project, business analysis, and management expertise.