A successful executive and entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience in a wide variety of business sectors, Tom Mower currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Sisel International, LLC, a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements and personal care products. A fast-growing presence in several global markets, Sisel International presently operates in more than 20 countries and plans to expand into a number of new areas. Thanks to the expertise of Chairman Tom Mower, Sisel International has made a number of key scientific discoveries and established a reputation as a manufacturer of safe, natural, high-quality care products that use only nutraceutical ingredients with evidence-based effects.

Under the guidance of Tom Mower, Sisel International has developed a number of innovative products such as SlenderPOPs, sugar-free lollipops that contain a variety of energy-boosting ingredients. Sisel International also markets a series of liquid nutritionals designed to strengthen various aspects of bodily function. Tom Mower played an essential role in the development of Sisel International’s own brand of dietary supplements, which assist in such wide-ranging processes as breaking down radioactive waste, supporting healthy vision, and boosting energy levels. In addition to its dietary supplements and liquid nutritionals, Sisel International offers a wide range of personal care products, including joint care, anti-aging solutions, hair care, aromatherapy, gel nail systems, and skin care.

Before founding Sisel International in 2006, Tom Mower served as the head of Neways International, a lucrative network marketing firm based in Utah. In 1987, Mr. Mower founded the personal care manufacturing firm known as Images, which provided him with much of the experience necessary for his leadership role with Sisel International. Images eventually grew to become Neways International. In addition to his work with Neways International, Tom Mower also possesses a comprehensive background in the fields of research and development, chemical manufacturing, and sales.

Aside from his various business ventures, Tom Mower has contributed to a number of charitable causes throughout the years, including the preservation of endangered species such as the Siberian tiger and the construction of a school for children with disabilities in Russia. Additionally, Tom Mower served as one of the primary sponsors of the 2005 Junior Winter Olympics, held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2006 - Present

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Sisel International