Over the course of a career spanning more than 30 years, Thomas Leebolt has established himself as a trusted professional in the maritime industry. Proving himself to be both highly reliable and efficient, he has maintained long tenures as a Captain, Master, and Chief Engineer. As the Captain and Chief Engineer of the White Night, Thomas Leebolt worked with the 83-foot, newly built yacht for over 6 years. While with Edison Chouest Offshore, a marine transportation organization, he operated a wide variety of research vessels around the world. Leebolt maintained a strong relationship with Edison Chouest Offshore for 5 years while serving as the Master and Chief Engineer of vessels ranging from 200 to 250 feet. 

Through his years of experience with a variety of vessels, Thomas Leebolt has worked with charter yachts, motor yachts, and yacht fishers. As the Chief Engineer for the Piano Bar vessel, he helped maintain a 160-foot mega yacht. Additionally, while working with Tidewater Inc., Thomas Leebolt served as the Chief Engineer for a 200-foot oil supply vessel. Most recently, he upheld this position on a naval research vessel run by Rosser Marine & Charter Co. Inc. in San Diego, California. 

Thomas Leebolt maintains a primary license as a Master Upon Oceans, 1600 GT/3000 ITC, as well as Third Mate Unlimited. Additionally, he carries a secondary license as a Chief Engineer, Unlimited Horsepower, 1600 GT/3000 ITC, and Second Assistant Engineer Unlimited. Understanding the importance of maintaining current with his designations, Thomas Leebolt has alternated positions every two years for nearly a decade. Moving forward with his career, Leebolt is currently offering his services to the local yachting community. He resides in Chula Vista, California. 


Marlin fishing, Scuba diving, Traveling. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the ocean and fishing with other like minded people.

Work History

Work History

Marine Captain and Engineer

Thomas Leebolt