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Over the course of a career spanning more than 30 years, Thomas Leebolt has established himself as a trusted professional in the maritime industry. Proving himself to be both highly reliable and efficient, he has maintained long tenures as a Captain, Master, and Chief Engineer. As the Captain and Chief Engineer of the White Night, Thomas Leebolt worked with the 83-foot, newly built yacht for over 6 years. While with Edison Chouest Offshore, a marine transportation organization, he operated a wide variety of research vessels around the world. Leebolt maintained a strong relationship with Edison Chouest Offshore for 5 years while serving as the Master and Chief Engineer of vessels ranging from 200 to 250 feet. 

Through his years of experience with a variety of vessels, Thomas Leebolt has worked with charter yachts, motor yachts, and yacht fishers. As the Chief Engineer for the Piano Bar vessel, he helped maintain a 160-foot mega yacht. Additionally, while working with Tidewater Inc., Thomas Leebolt served as the Chief Engineer for a 200-foot oil supply vessel. Most recently, he upheld this position on a naval research vessel run by Rosser Marine & Charter Co. Inc. in San Diego, California. 

Thomas Leebolt maintains a primary license as a Master Upon Oceans, 1600 GT/3000 ITC, as well as Third Mate Unlimited. Additionally, he carries a secondary license as a Chief Engineer, Unlimited Horsepower, 1600 GT/3000 ITC, and Second Assistant Engineer Unlimited. Understanding the importance of maintaining current with his designations, Thomas Leebolt has alternated positions every two years for nearly a decade. Moving forward with his career, Leebolt is currently offering his services to the local yachting community. He resides in Chula Vista, California. 

Work experience

Work experience

Marine Captain and Engineer

Thomas Leebolt