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Work experience

Aug 2008Present


Genero Communcations

Genero Communcations is integrated marketing service for all types of media.

Our core brand is iplayup which is mobile sports gaming for English Premier League and Indian Premier League.

We work across diverse brands in sport, mobile, games, arts, TV, religion and even Swine Flu. 

SwineFluTally is an example of  a fun creative fiction/facts following the large jabba the hut like pandemic which is,  swine flu already on its global tour of the world. Oink.

Incredible things like Swine Flu give us an interesting topic to make fun of and increase positive experiences of Swine Flu - if there are any at this stage, we might be the only one!.

Jun 2005Present

Project Officer and co-founder

Sports Without Borders

Sports Without Borders is a not for profit organisation which is dedicated to providing support for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds who are involved or want to get involved in sport.

Sport has played a vital role in multicultural Australia, empowering many newly-arrived Australians to develop an identity and sense of active belonging. Sports Without Borders will foster this process by providing funding and services to young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

May 2007Nov 2007

Conversational English Teacher


Japan is as far east as you can go and is as far and away the most interesting cultural experience  I have probably ever had.

The country has the proudest history of  Asian Nations and has melded traditonal and modern to create a culture which is unbelievable at first. Culturally shoocking but ingenously interesting in the most bizarre ways. Dense with peculiar habitants who are intriguing and can pass as the most friendly and easy to get along with people in the world.

Japan is higlighted by a vast work force which is dominated by salary men - hard working, hard drinking workaholics who work sometimes thelmselves to death. Women in Japan are indeed mystically beautiful butterflies who have inner and outer beauty and are quickly stamping themsleves oin thew world as equal or better in terms of work to men.

Japan was one of themost safest places I have visited with students, all politcial parties and the general pouplation being able to express themselves in  ways that suited them.

Japan has its fair share of cultural problems associated with the very fast paced lifestlye but it's abundement of cultural curiosities leaves you knowing that even if you travel for a lifetime in Japan, you will still not be able to travel and experience all Japan has to offer.

As a professional full-time English teacher I taught a wide array of people boys, men, children, girls, women the eccentricities of English which they were always enthusiastic to learn.

In a positive learning environment in Nova, students found themselves enveloped in the English medium being taught by UK teachers, American Teachers, Canadian Teachers and Australian and New Zealand teachers.

A trip to Kyoto brouhgt home the eternal splendour of Shogunite Japan with Kabuki theatre, Imperial Palaces, 

Geishas and more.

An incedniary experience for the senses. Japan was wonderful.

Mar 2004Oct 2004

Editorial Internship

AFL Publishing

During the 2004 premiership season I had the opportunity to write professionally for the AFL Record, a publication read by 80, 000 people weekly at the AFL games.

I wrote a collection of material including Weekly Club leads, weekly Advertorials and a few feature stories.

At the end of my tenure I had thouroughly learned the process of initiating articles the editorial process and the fun fact finding of interviewing players, coaches and football staff. As a football writer I was proud of the job I did representing an outstandoing magazine.



Advertising Federation of Australia

This subject providesda basic understanding of industry issues and key areas such as account management, research, strategy, creative, media and production.

For our major project we tried to outmarket QANTAS and produce a new USP and direction for that brand.

My mark for this course was a P for pass.

Aug 2008Oct 2008

Creative Process

Advertising Federation of Australia

This subject was designed to help us master the brief, the solution, copywriting and the evaluation.

Our major project was to design ads for a new kangaroo skin shoe.

My mark for this course was a D for distinction.

Feb 2005Apr 2006

Graduate Diploma of Arts in Applied Media

Swnburne University

Studies included - Electronic Writing, Animation, New Media Project.

The second semster marked the advent of the groud breaking project Sports Without Borders co-founded by

James Demetriou and Thomas Demetriou.

Sports Without Borders is a not for profit organisation which is dedicated to providing support for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds who are involved or want to get involved in sport.

Thomas Demetriou managed a group of Swinburne Students to develop the concept and present to the Chair of Victorian Multicultural Commission, George Lekakis and other media in September 2005 and received $20, 000 seeding funding to start the project.

Since then the project has jumped ahead in leaps and bounds leaving the realm of possibility and achieving the

dream of helping out first and second generation, migrants and refugees in particpating in Australian culture by joining and playing a sport.

Since then SWB has partnered with Athlos, Swinburne, Foundation House, AMES and won the Ambassador Award at the 2007 annual VMC awards for excellence.

On May 12, 2009 SWB advanced itself further with partnerships with Australian Multicultural Foundation and Vic Dept of Planning and Community Development and the Scanlon Foundation.

Feb 1998May 2003

Bachelor of Arts

Monash University

Streams included Visual Arts, Music, English.

Monash is positioned in the TOP 50 Universities in the world for good reason. Its teaching and range of methods is second to none in Australia.

I had the opportunity to create by joining film students in making short films. To write essays on all manner of visual arts and become involved in the Society of Arts Students and Debating Club.

A great student experience which taught me the disciplines I now consider to be my professional strengths.


Lisa Gye