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Full-time position,where I can contribute to the growth of a dynamic company usinging my trilingual skill(French,English and Japanese) and a variety of working experiences.

Personal History

After graduated high-school I wanted to become a journalist so I have decided to enter Paris Sorbonne University specialized in Literature.

After 3 years I have realized that it was not possible to combine my job and the university.I needed to get a formation in a specialized industry.

I have always been fascinated by cinema,music or animation so I have decided to enter an audiovisual school in sound speciality.

Because of the market globalization I have decided to travel to improve my English and get an international experience.

I am living in Japan for more than 3years now and I have worked for various industries.

I am open to any opportunity who can give me the chance to improve my skills and experience.

トーマス・ダミアンと申します。 フランス出身で、パリのソロボンヌ大学で文学、哲学と歴史を専攻しておりまし た。ソロボンヌ大学を卒業後、映画専門学校に入学してサウンド関連の技術を3年勉 強いたしました。


私はフリーランスのサウンドエンジニアとして働いておりました。今、国際競争の 世界の中で、日本のビジネスにおいて外国人としての新しい感性と意見を取り入れ る協力体制が重要な事になりました。御社は国際ビジネス展開を急成長で行ってい らっしゃいます。

ヨーロッパ人として、フランス人としての意見を持ちながら、サウンド分野だけで なく、新しい分野で自分自身のキャリアを挑戦して大きく飛躍したいと願ってお り、この度御社に応募させて頂きました。

経験が少ない点において、御社にご負担を感じさせてしまうかもしれません事を承 知で送らせて頂いております。

私の語学能力(日本語、フランス語、英語と、勤勉な姿勢と適応能力がありますの で、御社に貢献できると確信しております。

面談のお時間を頂けたら大変ありがたく存じます。 何卒どうぞよろしくお願い致します。 Thomas Damiens

Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Sound Technical Support


>Sound Live recording Technical Support.

>Microphones set-up and check.

>Recording assistant.

>team work

Nov 2011Present

Account Executive

Business World Corporation

>Prospecting customers.

>Market research.

>Contract negotiation.

>Client management.

Jul 2010Mar 2011

Sales Representative

Hydra International

Spanish Wines Sales Representative:

>Sales and Negotiation with customers in wine shops and restaurants in Japanese.

>Reported sales activity in Japanese and English on weekly basis.

>Prospected customers using company data base and internet.

>Attend to the studying class of company wine product,discussion with contracted adviser sommelier.

>Personally achieved 12 negotiation case per month(1case/12bottles).

Sep 2009Sep 2010


Personal Recordings

>Music recording and mixing for various artists(reggae,jazz,traditional).

>Used my microphones and maked the mix from my computer using plugs-in.

>Pro-tools 8 and waves plugs-in.

Sep 2008Aug 2009


MONOLITH SKG Studios,Japan

>Sound-effects creation for NHK 3D animation commercial.

>Sound-effects and voice restoration for the new"University of Tokyo Technology"introduction DVD.

>Creative team work participation.

Apr 2008Jul 2008



>Used just MIDI sounds.

>Sound ambiance creation for design furniture show.

>Creative team work participation.

Sep 2007May 2008

Sound Technical Support

AGEHA Studio Coast

>DJ booths and live Set-up.

>Sound check.

>Screens set-up.

>Interpret between foreign artists and japanese team.

>Training for new sound recruits.

Apr 2006Aug 2006

Sound Technical Support

Music Live Production,Paris

>Studios set-up.

>Sound check and mixing console arrangement.

>Reception desk.

Sep 2004Jun 2006

Sales Representative


>Sales and Negotiation with customers.

>Prospected potential customers.

>Reported sales activity.

>Accompany/attend the tour to the carpet factory for clients.

>Personally achieved 5-6 negotiations closed per month.

Jan 2006May 2006

Sound Technical support and Audio consulting

Timing Show Company,Paris

>Live set-up and sound check.

>Audio consulting.

Oct 2003Nov 2004

Junior Consultant

RH COM,Paris

>Acted as a junior Consultant in Management and Communication Division.

>Prospected potential customers.

>Participation to elaborate some clients proposals.

You Tube

Web Presence



Logic Audio
Pro Tools
Adobe Photoshop
Power Point