Sr. IT Project Manager/Software Development Manager, Shared Services

Bank of Montreal (Capital Markets)

PROJECTS AT BMO CAPITAL MARKETS (2007-2013) for Investment & Corporate Banking Purpose of project: An extremely complex implementation of a Cloud CRM platform (Siebel to SalesForce migration) integrated to Outlook Email Relay, BlackBerry, iPad & iPhone, all passing through a CipherCloud encryption layer to protect confidential Mergers & Acquisition data being hosted externally. (2011-2013) Technology used was CastIron (IBM), IronPort, Flex, Java, Oracle, Visual studio, Cognos, iOS, Blackberry, Junos VPN. • Directly involved in selecting Implementation partner, estimation, forecasting, managing to budget;• Controlled scope, negotiated with Business partners for definition and prioritization of requirements;• Managed Change, Coordinated concurrent tasks of across locations to ensure timely deliverables;• Negotiated with and managed multiple vendors, Directed and managed distributed team of 60 consisting of Project Managers, Business Analysts and developers.• Worked closely with Business and Infrastructure teams to define SLAs for portfolio across US, Canada, Europe;• Reported to Business management as part of Operating committee;• Technology used was CastIron (IBM), IronPort, Flex, Java, Oracle, Visual studio, Cognos, iOS, Blackberry, Junos VPN.Challenges: Integration of a cloud application with ADFS, Outlook impersonation, Data protection layer (encryption), mobile platforms (iOS and Blackberry) and Offline near real-time Cognos reporting. Team size: 60; Duration 2 yrs.

CASL (Canada Anti Spam Legislation) for Enterprise (Shared Services)Purpose of project: To satisfy a Regulatory requirement that all Marketing emails that are sent to customers be scrubbed against a central database that stores subscription records and allow subscribers to unsubscribe in real-time depending on bounce-backs or Opt-outs. • Involved in the scope definition and designed the functional flow of the application;• Directed team to re-use code developed for a prior project and tailor it thus saving time to roll out the solution.Challenges: Analysis and consolidation of processes (functional and technical), coordination with the Hub team due to competing priorities.Team size: 4; Estimated Duration: 4.5 mths.

Enterprise Cloud Encryption vendor selectionPurpose of project: Selection of an Enterprise Cloud Encryption vendor• Contributed to the definition of Selection Criteria and weighting of criteria as member of the selection committee;• Reported to Technology and Business Management as part of Working and Operating committees;• Finalized requirements that were set as part of the RFI;• Participated in the evaluation of three vendors and final selection;Challenges: Time sensitive, limited budget, limited resources, Business usability.

Email Relay for Enterprise Purpose of project: Creation of an Email Relay system that would re-brand and re-send all emails sent via through the BMO Exchange server.• Identified and hired/engaged an expert from Microsoft consulting services for gaining expertise;• Co-ordinated development effort between core team, Exchange team, infrastructure and other teams;• Led effort to define architecture and get acceptance by Compliance and Information Security;• Ran parallel projects to tie in with the SalesForce for Equity Products project.Challenges: First time usage of Exchange impersonation, procurement and set up of Infrastructure. for Equity Products Purpose of project: Migration of CRM data from Ipreo to Implementation of a Cloud based CRM platform integrated with Event and List Management add-on applications. The CRM platform also integrated with a Voice Blasts application to facilitate the management of Marketing Events across locations in US, UK and Europe. • Accountable for the SFDC and other sub-projects, including estimation, staff augmentation, • Introduced Cognos as a BI tool• Used a mix of Agile and Waterfall to achieve desired result.• Technology used was CastIron (IBM), IronPort, Flex, Java, Oracle, Visual studio, Cognos. Challenges: First time integration of a cloud application with in-house transactional and reporting applications, Phased rollout with repeated data migrations dependent on geography, Team size:19; Budget: $6MM; Duration 2 yrs.

CRD (Client Reporting Database) for Equity Products Purpose of project: Creation of a Reporting database that would store transactional data fed by US and Canadian Trading systems, and interfacing with a Securities Reference Master application, and a third party cloud application to enable a more complete reporting picture of clients.• Evaluated multiple vendors for the Event and List management application.• Led a project team of 2 business analysts and 3 software developers responsible for delivering the User interface to the CRM application that received batch data feeds from 3 upstream trading transaction systems (EDCOMMS, XTIVA & CAS) and consolidated the same to be made available to the Cognos BI engine and moving the transactions into SFDC to allow users to retrieve data from a single platform.• Created and owned the Project plan and Implementation checklist, delivered on time on budget.• Provided strong decisive technical direction and timely co-ordination with external teams for integration with several transactional feeds and in-house applications. (2010-2011) Technology used was CastIron (IBM), IronPort, Flex, Java, Oracle, Visual studio, Cognos. Challenges: First time integration of a cloud application with in-house upstream transactional and reporting applications. Team size:5; Budget: Part of the program

SRM (Securities Reference Master) for Equity Products Purpose of project: To create a Securities Reference Master for enriching Client data in the CRM using internal transaction feeds and extracting Securities data from the transactions.Challenges: Size of data feeds, ensuring that processing completed before start of Business the next day.Team size:5; Budget: Part of the program.

Requirements Manager - CMCIF for Capital Markets Client onboarding and KYC ($2.5MM)A process definition project to consolidate the onboarding processes or 7 LOBs in Capital Markets and create a unique identifier that was strategic to the Single Customer View. The project required selection of a strategic Solution provider, SOW negotiation, vendor management and implementation. (2009-2010).• My responsibilities were requirements elicitation and management of scope creep, Change requests, Quality assurance and delivery.Challenges: Business Analysis and consolidation, negotiation with 7 LOBs within Capital Markets to arrive at one unified process for the onboarding of institutional clients.Team size: 15; Duration: 1.5yrs.

Requirements & Project Manager - CMCI (Capital Markets Customer Information) - KYC for Capital MarketsA time-sensitive AML (Anti-Money Laundering) application built in house just in time to avoid non-compliance with AML legislation. Tasks included Requirements management, Quality Assurance and Execution (2007-2008). Technology used was Microsoft Visual Studio. Challenges: Extremely time sensitive project regulatory with no room for slippage, required very tight management of the SDLC.Team size: 4; Duration: 1.5 yrs.