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Work experience

Jan 2004Present


Cross River Anesthesia Services

118 N Bedford Rd Ste 200 Mount Kisco, NY 10549




University of Louisville


Known for his extremely helpful attitude and brilliant mind, Thomas Pfeiffer, M.D., has been tirelessly working with OB attending physicians in the effective management of high risk patients. These patients suffer a variety of complications and often need optimum monitoring and OB care, and Tom Pfeiffer has always been more than willing to assist his fellow medical practitioners at treating patients and ensuring their continued good health as well as that of their unborn child. Patients suffering from: Mild and Severe pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia; Placental abruption, Placenta Previa and Rupture; or have Co-morbid disease such as Gestational Diabetes, Herpes, HIV, sickle cell anemia, epilepsy; and even patients on anti-epileptic medication as well as heart disease and asthma, need the coordination of anesthesiologists of Thomas Pfeiffer’s caliber to ensure that they deliver safely and that their lives are not endangered on the operating or delivery table. Using all the skills he has been taught and the expertise he has earned from his Internship, Residency and Fellowship, Dr. Tom Pfeiffer has been able to save hundreds of lives in the Obstetric Anesthesiology field.

Tom Pfeiffer, M.D. has been known to have gained improved efficiency and learned advanced techniques in positioning of labor epidurals, spinals and combined spinal epidurals. He has also utilized advanced airway techniques including use of the glidescope, and awake fiberoptic intubation in patients with difficult airways. This is to ensure that both the mother and her baby survive any complicated medical procedure while on the delivery table and in the operating room.Thomas Pfeiffer has managed acute surgical emergencies successfully for mothers during their pregnancy. Working even beyond the call of duty with OB residents, Thomas Pfeiffer has assisted at assessing fetal well-being through serial ultrasound examination as well as fetal monitoring. He also possesses diverse experience in a variety of surgical procedures.