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Sept 2013Jun 2015

Web / Game Developer  - Software Engineer


Learned all about websites games how to develope and design , also basic principles of OOP how to manipulate code

Sept  2015Jun 2018

Computer Science

AMC Metropolitan College

Databases, OOP, Project Management, Risk Management, Network Security, Web Applications

Work History

1 March 20151 September 2016


   Researcher / Developer

      Doing research based on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)  technologies

      and developing the appropriate software for mobile / web. Worked with Unity3d and Three.js

Computer Skills


   Unity3D / Android Studio / Wordpress / Unreal / 3DstudioMax / Photoshop

Programming Languages


   PHP / Javascript / HTML5 / CSS3

      - libs (Ajax, JQuery, Three.js)

   C / C++ / C#  

      - libs (OpenGL, .net)


      - libs (Swing, JFreeChart)

Database Management System (DBMS)


   Oracle Database / Microsoft Access / Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL Workbence / PHPmyAdmin