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Thomas Mai

Thomas is a passionate leader who can inspire companies and organisations and take them to the next level. Thomas has worked in the film industry for 20+ years and has produced 8 award winning films. Thomas has been the CEO of two global film sales agencies selling and marketing hundreds of films winning Oscars, Cannes and Berlin. Thomas has been the invited main speaker at more than 85 film workshops on sales, marketing, crowdfunding, social media, distribution and online investment across 5 continents. Thomas has run 28 crowdfunding campaigns using emotional storytelling, social media and content creation for filmmakers who have no marketing budget. Thomas is innovative, adaptable and thrive in an energetic and busy environment that is creating lasting positive change.


 Producer of 8 multi award winning films 

Innovative Business Development 

Client Relation Development 

Motivation, Training and Coaching

Strategic Funding Achievement

Sales, Marketing & Negotiation

International Film Sales Agent for hundreds of award winning films (Oscar, Berlin & Cannes etc)




Doctor of Creative Industries


I am enrolled for part time studies as a Doctor of Creative Industries at QUT in Brisbane


Business Graduate

Lyngby Handelsskole



I have on multiple occasions created an innovative marketing strategy for film makers that have gone viral  without spending a single marketing dollar

I have negotiated countless multi million dollar deals ensuring a win win for all parties. 
I am great at motivating and inspiring people to get everyone on the same page. I receive standing ovations when I speak. I dont believe in managing people, I believe in leading people by uniting them through a common vision and goal.
Think outside the box
I am a problem solver and a strategist that often come up with unique solutions to problems. I advised the non for profit organisation Global Green in Los Angeles on a event and media strategy that over the last 12 years has brought in 7 figures of income and countless media stories. There is always a new and improved way. 

I have strategized and executed 22 crowdfunding campaigns in the last 26 months raising a total of $897,456 with an average donation of $158,17 from 5,674 backers. These campaigns were all for first time filmmakers. 

Web Video

Co wrote, co directed and co edited 22 crowdfunding videos that were all optimized for storytelling and emotional hook for the viewers. Video content creation is vital in todays media landscape to reach as many people as possible.

Media Production
Have organized and run film crews from 5 to 100 people in multiple countries. 
I try to explain WHY we are doing the crowdfunding campaign and why people should listen, care and give money. Storytelling is paramount in connecting with peoples emotion. If people are emotionally involved they are more inclined to donate. 
Independent Film

I have produced 7 feature film winning multiple awards at various  film festivals. Was voted Producer to Watch by prestigious trade magazine Variety 

Social Media

Expert across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as platforms to reach and connect with people. Each platform has its own unique story telling and selling elements

Work experience



Nut Alone

Nut Alone is a new and upcoming platform for European festival films that has a hard time getting into the global market place 

❖ Meet with industry key players sales agents, film festivals, distributors and film producers 

❖ Research and identify the right films for the platform 

❖ Negotiate deals, structure, payment, terms and contracts 

❖ Visit key film festivals Berlin Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival etc 

❖  Establish strong strategic links/alliances with film partners - industry and government

Jun 2014Present


Smart Film Income Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD 

Providing advice and assistance to 20+ filmmakers with innovative strategies on marketing, sales, funding and distribution - Raising $897K in Crowdfunding

❖ Provide superior high level, tailored Advisory Services to varied clients

❖  Deliver measurable quality outcomes for clients Worldwide

❖  Identify client business strengths, weaknesses and strategic issues

❖  Lead improvement strategies and manage potential areas for development

❖  Establish strong strategic links/alliances with film partners - industry and government

Jun 2014Nov 2014

Head of Mission Pozible Melbourne, VIC

❖ Management of specialised five-month project mission – Raising $245K in Crowdfunding 

❖  Provide superior high level MP corporate branding and promotional strategies

❖  Collection, review and dissemination of funding applications (+ 300) in 2014

❖  Identify commercially worthwhile projects and select winning applications

❖  Lead promotional and marketing strategies across Digital, Press and Social media

❖  Train and assist winning entrants to identify project fund raising opportunities

❖  Establish strong strategic links/alliances with film partners - industry and sources

Jun 2011Jun 2014


FanDependent Pty. Ltd  (Fox Studios) Sydney, NSW

(FanDependent- Screen Australia Grant Winner – a joint-venture with Spectrum Films)


❖  Secured $300K in funding as the only successful application from Screen Australia

❖  Management and identification of crowdfunding, grants and finance opportunities

❖  Recruitment, production coaching, training and funding education

❖  Lead promotional and marketing strategies across Digital, Press and Social media

❖  Establish strong strategic links/alliances with film partners - industry and sources

Jun 2009Jun 2011


Festival Darlings, Natal, Brazil

❖  Promoter of more than 80 worldwide workshops on sales, marketing, distribution crowd funding & social media

❖  Delivery of a variety of crowd-funding workshops (+80) worldwide

❖  Preparation and delivery of Audience Demanded distribution workshops

❖  Design and implementation of a wide variety of events /engagements services

Nov 2006May 2009

Head of New Media

Trust Nordisk Aps,  Copenhagen, Denmark

❖ Development and implementation of VOD across Festival Film Library ❖  Took the massive film library 500+ online to Amazon, iTunes etc

❖  Film identification & liaison with producers, print press, social media

❖  Maintenance and development of close relationship with Amazon & iTunes

Jan 2004Nov 2006


Katapult Film Sales, LLC, Los Angeles, California

❖ Selling of film licenses in the $ multi million range

❖ Development of strategic company focus, Brand & image worldwide

❖ Film identification & liaison with producers, print press, social media

❖ Representation of A list of actors – Sale of managed films at Film Festivals

Jan 2001Jan 2004

Managing Partner 

ZentAmerica LLC, Los Angeles, California

❖  Raised $3.5M in financing for One Point O from multiple investors and partners

❖  General day-to-day administrative management – staff, payrolls & investment

❖  Read more than 300+ scripts to find the right project to produce\

❖  Got One Point O into the main competition at Sundance 2004

Jun 1997Jun 2000


Trust Film Sales Aps, Copenhagen, Denmark

❖  Sold international film licenses for over $25M+

❖General day-to-day administrative management – staff, payrolls & investment

❖  Represented Oscar, Cannes and Berlin winning films and directors

❖  Increased sales, films and staff 10 fold over 3 years