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Employment Objective

Dedicated and hard-working automotive undergraduate seeking an engineering placement opportunity where my skills and abilities can be tested within a fast paced and competitive environment, working within in an accomplished team that push the limits and don't settle for second best. 


Having spent almost my whole life in education, I am very keen to get into work and be part of a fantastic team of people that push the boundaries and challenge themselves everyday. I try and make sure that everyday I am learning or developing something new, whether that would be a personal trait or one of my projects. It is due to this that I feel like a worthy candidate for this opportunity.

  • Currently studying Automotive Engineering at Coventry University
  • Predicted a 2:1
  • Skills in using a wide range of CAD and CAM software including Catia, Solidworks, Delcam, Matlab Simulink and Abacus.
  • Highly motivated, ambitious to succeed, disciplined and can productively interact with people to get the best possible results.


Sep 2014May 2018

Automotive Engineering B.Eng                                                     Predicted - 2:1

Coventry University
  • Diesel engine strip with rebuild and report - 75% result
  • Catia V5 exam (given 1 hour to create a  3 CAD assemblies from technical drawings) - 64% result
  • AMG Wind tunnel lab with report - Aerodynamics.
  • Matlab Simulink project - 63% result
  • Analytical modelling  (pure mathematics and finite element analysis)
  • ABS system research and report
  • Heat transfer and thermodynamics
  • Material science and manufacture - using Delcam to produce a 5 axis CNC code.


Finite Element analysis – Abacus

A coursework that was set during 2nd year was to model and simulate an engine crane. As it was being modelled and calculated by a very average computer, the compromise between mesh size and calculation time had to be thought about very carefully. This is because a smaller mesh meant a more accurate representation, however if it took 1 week to calculate then it would not be worth it. I chose a mesh size that allowed the computer to complete calculations within about 20 minutes with only a 1% change from a 60 minute calculation time. This allowed me run many calculations and compare them to get the most precise results. Having done this I now realise the importance of quality with respect to time, not only in university work but in all aspects of time based activities.

Car frontal impact simulation

For a project during university a programme called D3Plot was used to simulate and analyse a front bumper crash at different velocities and masses. After running the simulation and defining the variables and measurable quantity's, over 2000 values were calculated. From this data, I exported it into an excel file to plot the values that were useful for analysis. The problem with this way of plotting the data was that it was very time consuming to do so, a better method would have been to write a Python code to select and plot the data I needed.

Even though my method was time consuming I completed it and ended up with a 2.1 for the coursework.

Custom PC

I have great pride in my custom built computer,  which is an ongoing project in which I am constantly progressing and learning new skills. It kick started my interest in electrical science, and has helped greatly in my understanding of this vast topic which is becoming more relevant with the push for electric vehicles and sustainable energy sources. Designing and building a custom water cooling system for my processor allowed me to understand tolerances and shaft/sleeve sizes. Most importantly, I now understand the need for hose clips... after the tube from the pump shot off and ruined a brand new motherboard. Recovering from the mishap (and digging deep into my pockets!), I ran some bench marking software and had one of the fastest computers within a 30 mile radius of my home.

Arduino (open source software and hardware)

I took it upon myself at the end of the 2015 year to learn to write in C code and purchase an open source micro controller. I chose the Arduino Uno to start with, which is a micro controller that can sense and control objects within the real world. Whilst learning the language C, I have learnt how vast it is and the near endless possibility that it holds and feel that this is an invaluable investment of my time.

Work History

Sep 2015Present

Bar Assistant

JD Wetherspoon
  • Customer and staff relationships are number one priority
  • Maintaining a high quality standard throughout the day
  • Late finish times with university lectures in the morning has allowed me to embrace hard work and long working hours
  • Dealing with angry/drunk customers in a professional manner
  • Extensive knowledge into what food and drinks the pub sell, job knowledge is key to good business. 

Leisure Interests

  • Reading into and understanding the stock market. With the intention of investing at some point.
  • Play weekly in a 5 a side football team
  • Attending music festivals
  • Full clean drivers licence.


Upon request.