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Thomas Grech

Customer Relations and Financial Administration.


Financially trained with full-time experience in a busy office environment holding the responsibility of managing and resolving company complaints through omnichannels. 

Work Experience


Classroom Assistant

Shirley Junior School

During the school holidays, I volunteered for work experience, to shadow a Primary school Teachers' Class and help out if needed. I was delighted to find out that the staff had entitled me to far more responsibility than expected. I covered a lesson, read the children books and generally helped all the children with their lessons. I very much enjoyed helping them, in a very stereotypical feminine controlled job, I feel I held my own and did an exceptional job. This has allowed me to be trusted with children and given me confidence to actively teach in front of a classroom of pupils, this was a great experience.     


Events Hospitality


For over a year, I had worked in Events Hospitality; for Halo in St. Mary's Stadium. During this job I acquired a range of skills; such as politeness, punctuality, professionalism and precision. My role within this job was to organize the rooms of which conference events would be held in. This involved working in a team and occasionally taking the lead role in the group and helping others. The venue has a very prestigious reputation so maximum quality and precision was required when arranging the rooms. As well as this, I served drinks and meals during the events, helped meet everybody's requirements and helped clean up and clear the tables. This required professionalism as having to communicate with the clients and make their time during the event as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. These are skills which all contribute to my confidence, professionalism and perfectionism as the training I had received was for this purpose. 


Sales Adviser

Euro Car Parts

Euro Car parts is an extremely rapidly expanding company; this means it has a big customer intake and therefore is very busy and demanding on its staff. With this said, I have managed to handle the pressure of this very well and strive to achieve the targets I have been set. One of the targets is to serve customers to a good standard within 5 minutes, this means that I can please the current customer whilst being fast to then deal with the next customer efficiently. This job role is also notorious for bad mannered and aggravated customers as a long can go wrong when dealing with thousands of car components. This meant that i have had to stay composed and polite in order to sort out a satisfactory solution for both parties. This has given me great confidence in resolving situations of an aggressive nature politely and with ease. I have also worked on the telephones so have brilliant telephone etiquette. As well as this i have also helped out in the warehouse when the company has been short staffed, this means i am very flexible in this job role and can be relied on when others cannot. 


Customer Relations and Financial Admin

John Lewis

This job role is to resolve and assist in John Lewis Southampton's financial queries and general complaints. This is both face to face with customers, and through telecommunications. This is in a busy office environment working with a number of diverse colleagues and clients. I also use a wide range of computer system applications in this role, including 'Salesforce' and Excel. I am proficient in adapting to these systems and I have become efficient and grown an expert knowledge in the usage of them. I have also earned the title of 'Connex Lead' during my time within the business. This means, I lead and manage the team of which deal with the complaints systems, and I am the Branch expert at the complaints system knowledge. 

I am the first point of contact and resolution to any complaint within the company, meaning I have adapted to being extremely versitile in my problem solving skills. I am expected to make sure every customer complaint is dealt with to the best possible extent, and the customer remains happy. This can be challenging, as complaints within a company this large can differ greatly, but I find with reasonable thinking and rationality I can determine this most appropriate and satisfactory outcome. 

I also handle financial queries regarding our Partnership Mastercard Credit Card (PMCC). I am very knowledgable in this field and always stay professional and compliant when assisting a customer. I am also expected to handle the in store VAT redemptions and Exports, meaning that I reimburse the VAT for any customer who is a resident outside of Europe or lives in the channel Islands. I am very numeral, and very much enjoy this part of my job role. 

I am responsible for the application process and production of PMCC's. Compliance is key in this procedure, as a result of breaching compliance could be wounding for myself and the company. I am regularly assessed (every 3 months) during this application, meaning I cope well under pressure and always excel in these assessments. 

I am also trained and work in the Bureau De Change. The Bureau deals with 30+ currencies and is extremely busy. This means I have to remain focused throughout my shift. I am an extremely systematic and methodical individual, which especially shows in this role. My currency reconciliations are always correct and I have never made a mistake, which is very much appreciated by my employer and team.




Upper Shirley High School

I spent 4 of the 5 years at school with 100% attendance in every 4 terms and am very proud of this. This shows that I don't let anything stop me from being punctual. Time management and attendance is a key skill I have clearly shown to have learnt from an early age and is something this is very important in every day life. I always turned up to school excited and ready to learn and achieve the best grades possible, and also had a very good social life with many good friends.


Physics: B, B

Chemistry: B, B

Biology: D, D

English Language: B

English Literature: D

Religious Education: C

Citizenship: C

Design and Technology: D

Maths: C

Physical Education: C

French: D

History: D

Geography: B, D



Barton Peveril Sixth Form College

I chose to attend this college, although it wasn't the most convenient in travel; but because i wanted to achieve the best grades possible in such a prolific college. my attendance for both years has been brilliant with the exception of a few authorized absences for illness. This is because, I always focus on being punctual and attend when needed to. My main subject choice was Sociology, this is because I am an extremely culturally-accepting person, I have no prejudice towards anyone and I'd like to think that I'm a very objective thinker.  this course really helped my understand the diversity in society in depth and see all aspects of life from a strictly objective perspective, this is a key skill in professional and every day life. 

I also chose to study Law, this is because this subject choice is extremely interesting to me and it goes 'hand-in-hand' with sociology and the career path of which i would love to be in. I believe that the law is something extremely useful to know and is something i am also committing research into , to greater my knowledge.

The use of IT/Computing in everyday life is emerging greatly and becoming more and more crucial, meaning that having the understanding of this is a key skill. I believe that I have a very extensive knowledge of modern technology and computers. I have programmed and designed websites using code and physically built computers during this course so have greatly extended upon what i had already known a lot about. this also means that i am very proficient at the entire 'Microsoft office' Applications and Word processors and can use them proficiently; with ease. 


Sociology AS: B, B

Sociology A2: C, D

Geography AS: C, E

English Language AS: D, E

IT/Computing (AS&A2): Level 3 Distinction*

Law (AS&A2): Level 3 Distinction*