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Software engineer  skilled in the areas of security, DevOps and AWS cloud development. 

Excellent troubleshooting and documentation skills.

This blog documents my journey with Kubernetes in preparation for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.



  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (Dec 2018 – Dec 2020)



Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computer & Electronic Engineering

Galway-Mayo Institute Technology

Award: First Class Honours

GPA: 3.4/4.0

Advanced electronic engineering programme with a particular focus on embedded system development for both fixed and mobile platforms.

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Master of Engineering in Information and Network Security

University of Limerick

Award: First Class Honours

GPA: 3.6/4.0

The Master of Engineering in Information and Network Security provides a comprehensive grounding in key areas of security of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems. 

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Work experience

November 2017November 2018

Junior Software Developer

8 months working with a remote SCRUM team doing QA automation and documentation

  • Upgrading Postman Collections to be automated using Newman running in Docker containers 
  • PoC to automate test results using Testrail API, Postman+Newman, Docker and Jenkins. 
  • Preparation of sprint release notes that included the following artifacts: 
      unit-tests, code coverage, API monitoring metrics, Testrail reports 
  • Configured Jenkins CI pipelines for Spring boot microservices using Maven 
  • Integrated Slack notification into CI 

Prototyping Alexa skills (Node.js)

  • Development of custom, video, and audioPlayer Alexa skills
  • OAuth implementation linking Alexa users with Playmigo cloud
  • Implementation of pairing user's Playmigo cloud TV devices with Alexa
  • Interfacing Android to node.js using websockets
  • Published an Alexa Podcast Skill for an Irish radio station

Teaching Experience 2018

Lectured at the University of Limerick  IoT summer school.

Teaching Hybrid Mobile Applications and Edge Computing (Node-RED). The IoT gateway was running on a Raspberry Pi that had installed.

Cordova Mobile Workshop

The students learned about

  • The difference between native and hybrid mobile apps
  • HTML,CSS and Javascript
  • The Cordova framework
  • The geolocation and MQTT plugin
  • Subscribing/Publishing to an MQTT Broker running on a RPI IoT Presentation

The students learned about

  • Docker containers and how they are more lightweight than VMs
  • and how it uses Docker to solve the problem of remotely and securely updating your embedded devices
  • Explained about the IoT stack and how each module (loadbalancer,broker,node-red) were all running in separate Docker containers

Teaching Experience 2017

Lectured at the University of Limerick IoT summer school. Designed slides and detailed workshop tutorials for IBM tools such as Node-RED and OpenWhisk (Faas).

Students were broken up into groups and assigned a topic. They published and subscribed to an MQTT broker that was deployed on Bluemix using Jenkins and docker-compose.

Masters theses: Docker containers deployed using Bluemix

Grade: A1

This theses focuses on using the DevOps concept of infrastructure as code to deploy Docker Containers on IBM Bluemix in order to provide the cloud infrastructure required to perform data acquisition from sensors for the purposes of real time data analytics.

Final Year Project: Music Host Interface

Grade: A1

A virtual jukebox implemented as a Bluetooth server using JavaFX. Android client connects via Bluetooth and can queue a song from the available library of music.